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Beef brisket : history, uses and curiosities

What is Beef Brisket?

Beef brisket is compared to brisket, that is, that appetizing cut of beef perfect for making various delicious recipes, but there is a preparation that for Texans is the result of tradition and must be reproduced with extreme care to avoid definitive expatriation . The brisket, or rather the beef brisket, is made up of two sections which, during the cooking phase, become essential for the creation of an intense and complete flavour: the flat and the point, the first leaner while the second is rich in fat.

Thanks to the particularity of the cut of meat, the brisket becomes essential in the mixed grill and represents, together with other solutions, something perfect for enjoying a lunch in company. If the choice depends on your ability to recognize the cut of meat for grilling, patience is an essential weapon for creating a respectable barbecue!

Curiosities about beef brisket

Texans choose to pass down different traditions from generation to generation to create the perfect beef brisket. Here are some. In the marinade it is necessary to add some wood chips to be used also on the grill so as to create a fragrant smoking and capable of accentuating the flavor of the meat even more. Some prefer cherry because it is sweeter, others prefer oak because of its character, in short, no matter the type of wood, you need to learn how to create effective smoking. The RUB must be as simple as possible, for Texans in fact, beef brisket is and remains the true undisputed protagonist, which offers its best when it responds to slow and smoked cooking.

Beef brisket and accompaniments

When it comes to barbecue meat, you need to pay some attention to two other essential elements: seasonings and drinks. If the first problem is easily solved thanks to UBI, the second becomes a little more complex because it must respond to the needs of individuals who struggle with preparation. In short, staying in front of the fire and waiting patiently and sparingly for perfect cooking becomes frustrating when you don't have a good drink in your hands, right? Carne online Genuina's advice therefore becomes essential to make the most of the moment of preparation. 3 beers, 1 wine or a typical Texan drink, here are the ideas.

Beef brisket: beer and details

When it comes to beers, you need to choose something full-bodied and intense, capable of preparing the palate to welcome quality and carefully cooked meat: amber beer is the must have. Another solution for those who prefer straw color and a delicate, light flavor is white beer, which in addition to its light color is sometimes impalpable and extremely drinkable. The classic among the great classics is light beer which chooses to satisfy the sense of smell first and then the palate with its herbaceous and citrus aromas and flavours.

Beef brisket: wines and extras

Red goes with meat. Sometimes listening to popular sayings means bringing tradition back into fashion and admitting that yes, very often, it is right. However, you need to know how to choose the right red to welcome the protagonist of the barbecue! The proposal is Barbera d'Asti Superiore where the branding distinguishes particular types of grapes which guarantee an authentic, strong and well-defined flavour. If, however, you want to remain faithful to the Texan tradition, the caipirinha cannot - and must not - be missing from the table, made with abundance and capable of satisfying everyone's palate thanks to its sweetness and perfect compromise with the tasty beef.

Beyond the great classic

There are different ways to make beef brisket which move away from the grill but choose to guarantee an equally tasty and full-bodied flavour. What needs to be kept intact is the method of preparation of the meat and the marinade and, if you do not want to proceed with smoking and indirect cooking on the grill you can opt for other equally valid solutions.

Another solution that allows you to save time is the grill, valid and fast, it allows you to cook meat without great effort and too much commitment, here maximum attention is paid to the RUB which must be calibrated to perfection. The last piece of advice concerns the choice of meat which must be excellent to offer maximum potential and in any way it is cooked, with all due respect to our Texan friends, of course!