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Un’accoppiata vincente

Meat and cheese

Between tradition and innovation

Since its inception, the Bovì company has chosen to implement traditional peasant practices which, added to the genius of innovative techniques, improve the quality of the product and maintain a strong respect for animals.

Thanks to this philosophy, Bovì boasts the presence of healthy and genuine products. The latest arrivals are a selection of raw cheeses which, thanks to the collaboration with the Taddei dairy , find space among the e-commerce lines and make the offer increasingly complete.

The Taddei dairy

In the middle of the Bergamo plain, in Fornovo San Giovanni in the province of Bergamo, a cheese is produced following the strict rules of the peasant tradition: hand-made .

The technique associated with technological modernizations in line with European regulations offers delicious products with attention to every detail.

Meticulous and careful production in every step is guaranteed by the structure which processes, depending on market needs, a maximum of 400 liters of milk per process.

Furthermore, the dairy offers products with 100% Italian ingredients and thanks - also - to this characteristic, it boasts the recognition of numerous awards. Bovì's selection focuses on raw cheeses, i.e. products which maintain stable temperatures below 42°C after the curd has been broken.

The proposals

Bovì, for now, has selected six products to integrate into its offer. The choice ranges from raw cheeses and satisfies the different customer requests: from the most delicate flavor to the strong flavour, here is our selection!

Formaggella Bergamasca

Unmissable in the offer of a company that considers tradition a cornerstone , Bergamo formaggella holds a place of honour.

The product is semi-cooked and derived from Italian cow's milk, salt and rennet, simple, basic ingredients that give the formaggella an authentic taste.

Once opened, the Bergamo formaggella has a straw yellow color and gives the papacy an aftertaste of hay and butter , as if to tell a common thread between territory and table.

Bluetunt blue cheese

The blue streaks represent the mold that forms thanks to the particular processing and gives the cheese a strong, deep and unmistakable flavour .

The production process of Blutunt blue cheese follows a well-defined process which begins with the preference of milk from Bergamo and ends with puncture to encourage the proliferation of mould.

During the process some fundamental steps take place which offer a product with a characteristic flavor capable of creating a contrast between the two pastas .

Taleggio DOP with Blue Writing

The milk used comes from certified agricultural companies that offer the product the DOP designation.

The seasoning reflects tradition and scrupulously follows the centripetal technique, from the rind to the heart of the wheel.

Taleggio is also called washed rind cheese because it undergoes a particular process during maturation: the sponging of water and salt which, in addition to cleaning the surface, allows the cheese to breathe and regulate homogeneous maturation.

Taleggio PDO with red writing

Unlike its relative with blue writing, Taleggio DOP with red writing is much creamier, especially in the under rind.

The maturation , which reaches 60 days , makes the formaggella compact and soft at the same time. On the palate, Taleggio DOP with red writing is tasty and enveloping, in terms of aroma it is intense with hints of the undergrowth .

Save Cremasco DOP

The name goes back to ancient times when, during periods of transhumance to avoid wasting the excess milk produced by animals, it was preserved for long periods without paying too much attention, but with the certainty that it would always be useful.

This is why, for the production of this particular cheese, it is necessary to mature for a minimum of 75 days until it reaches over 12 months.

Cheese box

The solution for the undecided is called Cheese Box ! Bovì has also chosen to create a box in the cheese section with different choices inside so as to allow the customer to taste the various proposals and bring different flavors to the table.

The cheese box contains:

  • 300 grams of Taleggio DOP Scritta Blu
  • 300 grams of Taleggio DOP Scritta Rossa
  • 300 grams of Formaggella Bergamasca
  • 300 grams of Salva Cremasco DOP

The perfect alternative to enrich the table with flavor.

Collaborations full of flavours

Special, imaginative and tasty recipes. Genuine ingredients, risky combinations, scents from the garden.

The characteristics of the perfect recipe are inspired by multiple factors which, added together, offer sensational results in terms of colours, tastes and flavours.

Purchasing from companies that choose to rely on traditional techniques and in line with European regulations is a guarantee of success and the certainty of bringing genuine products to the table.

The Bovì Box and the Cheese Box offer the perfect mix for inventing particular recipes.

Dare, in the kitchen you can.