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The difference between boiled and boiled

Boiled and boiled meat: docet tradition

Often boiled meat and boiled meat are synonymous: basically the two preparations consist of cooking beef, chicken or pork in a boiling liquid - water or broth - as our grandmothers did. The substantial difference between boiled and boiled is the cooking method or rather, the pre-cooking phase which derives from tradition and woe betide you if you change the modus operandi!

  • Boiled : first bring the water to the boil and then add the meat.
  • Boiled : meat and water are added when cold and then the temperature is reached.

In addition to the preparation method, another aspect needs to be highlighted to prepare these perfect dishes for the autumn/winter collection in the kitchen. Some prefer boiled meat because the meat cooked in water at a high temperature retains some molecules, making it tastier and more compact at the end of preparation. Others, however, collect the flavor of tradition thanks to the tenderness of the meat following long cooking. As if it were a crescendo of sensations bite after bite. In the case of boiled meat, it is the broth that represents the true added value which is proposed as one with the meat juices released during cooking.

In short, the last word is for the tradition of the area and the cuisine which stands as the only weapon between the two factions. In summary, we have the substantial difference based on what we want to do with the cooked meat; if we want to eat a good Lombard boiled meat, accompanied with sauces, it is good practice to immerse the meat in hot water to retain the flavor of the meat, vice versa if we want to prepare meat cubes or a good broth, the meat should be boiled and immersed in water cold.

Cuts of meat for boiled and poached

Now that the difference has been revealed, we need to take a step forward and choose the perfect meat for boiled meat (or boiled meat, if you prefer!). It is necessary to specify that the dish can be prepared with many cuts of meat , among the best known are: beef, chicken, capon , pork and veal. Tradition suggests a poor dish with the addition of vegetables intended to enrich the broth with peasant flavours. While almost anything is fine for boiled meat, boiled meat prefers more noble cuts of meat such as the forequarter: real cut and muscles.

However, it is customary to respect and follow the rules of local tradition which tells of particular ingredients and mysterious recipes handed down from generation to generation. In short, we are always here: if the dish is traditional it is difficult to eradicate the belief! One above all? Some regions offer boiled beef prepared exclusively with hot water, no contact with cold water! If you are still in doubt about the cuts of meat to use for a good boiled (or boiled) meat, rely on our Bollito Box to receive the perfect mix of beef for boiled meat at your home.

Boiled meat recipes: sauces and side dishes

The territory tells and passes down perfect combinations that range from sweet and sour vegetables to hot and spicy sauces, each area chooses and elects the perfect combo. To make the dish national and gather positive opinions from everyone, you can add the vegetables used in cooking slightly au gratin which enrich the flavour, especially the boiled meat which presents itself as a poor dish. Some prefer to keep the dish intact and choose a full-bodied red wine as a perfect friend and offer a dish with a nostalgic note: like the farmhouse of the past.

To solve the problem of the little ones and invite them to love boiled meat, you can prepare mashed potatoes and serve the combination with the certainty of an assured victory. In short, the protagonist lends himself to multiple solutions and ideas, each valid and full of meaning. Carne Genuina offers a truly curious solution: the tasting box dedicated to boiled meat lends itself to resolving the doubts of most people and leaving free space for imagination without errors.