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Calabrian black pig - Calabria in one breed

Calabrian black pig: the story

The sighting of a wild boar can be deceiving, especially if you visit the areas of Aspromonte, an arid and uncultivated land in the Calabrian province. In this area of ​​Italy, since ancient Greece, pork meat was preferred to beef because breeding was less demanding and the animal was more resistant and independent. The Byzantine era saw a proliferation of the pig breed thanks to the impressive protection of chestnut and oak groves, delicious and indispensable plants for the growth of the animal in the wild and semi-wild state. Moreover, pig breeding in Calabria was - and still is - much less expensive than agriculture which, in such an adverse territory, is demanding both from a physical point of view and in obtaining the raw materials necessary for sustenance. .

Each land has its own product

The properties of the land, the environmental conditions and the need of the population to adapt to the place in which they live have meant that in the Aspromonte area there has been an ever-increasing need to raise semi-independent animals that are as resistant as possible both to the elements and the uneven and hilly terrain. Another advantage of raising Calabrian black pigs is the excellent quality of the final product which ranges from a tasty lard with an engaging aroma to the possibility of creating different types of sausages to preserve and consume during the winter.

The evidence of the excellent quality of the products dates back to the 17th century when Giovanni Fiore nor "Dalla Calabria Illustrata" narrates that a certain Casanova, visiting the bishop F.Cavalcanti, reported that the best cured meats came from southern Ionian Calabria. Since 1988, capocollo has had the DOP mark, it is a cut of pork obtained from the leg and treated according to the branding protocol. The pork must be left to rest and then salted and treated with local ingredients: chilli pepper, layers of lard, wild fennel seeds and coarse black pepper.

Calabrian black pig: tradition

The land of Calabria is rich in traditions linked to the culinary art: various recipes are intertwined with the use of pork and special delicacies that housewives intent on cooking for hours on end sell. The results are truly spectacular and it is enough to delve into the slopes of Aspromonte to get closer to traditional customs that are truly curious and extremely linked to the territory. It is said that once every family owned a Calabrian black pig and the slaughter took place as a real ritual that guaranteed the family sustenance for the entire winter.

Among the most renowned preparations are frittole which are obtained from the long cooking of pork rind combined with pork ribs. The particular cooking guarantees the final dish a unique, intense and tasty flavour. The traditional method sees the addition of small quantities of blood which - it is said - increases the magical value linked to the ancestral sacrifice of the animal.

The meat of the black pig of Calabria

The black pig of Calabria is known to most for its cured meats that are unique in their characteristics and flavour. The taste is the result of the particular breeding method in the semi-wild state and the combination of different elements: environmental, traditional and genetic. Pork meat is also suitable for lean cuts which, contrary to popular belief, is rich in good fats which help the human body fight and prevent any degenerative and cardiovascular disorders.

Furthermore, Calabrian black pig meat contains a high quantity of vitamin D and E which arise from the animal's ability to grow free and in the open air. Once again it is clear that, to bring top quality Italian meat to the table, you need to start from the origins, from the breeding method which guarantees the final product organoleptic qualities that would otherwise be unattainable. Calabrian black pig meat is, therefore, a concentrate of benefits and good elements useful for the Mediterranean diet.

Calabrian black pork: uniqueness in 2 words

Rustic, rough, similar to a wild boar, the undisputed emblem of organic agriculture - and everything that revolves around it. Once upon a time, owning a Calabrian black pig was a real added value as it allowed you to have sustenance for the entire winter season, and also to have concrete help in the fields. The sows give birth to 7 to 9 piglets a year and mate on average twice a year. These elements are encouraged by the possibility of the animals grazing freely in the area and leaving room for the boars to do their duty.

Slaughter takes place after two years of age in the period from October to May. The breed is indigenous and this factor is defined by the fact that inaccessible areas slow down the approach of other animals and breeds. The element made it possible to keep the animal's primordial instinct combined with its genetic heritage unchanged. Result? The Calabrian black pig represents Italian excellence thanks to the traditional breeding method combined with the desire of the local population to maintain the habitat and breed unchanged.

From here to there: Carne Genuina offers

Genuine meat is a farm that chooses to put the traditional breeding method first which begins with the undisputed respect of the animal in life and so also with the breeders who are part of our chain. These elements, although they may respond to a moral principle, meet with the desire to offer healthy and genuine Italian products.

Italy is a territory rich in uniqueness which, to be kept as such, must meet a series of environmental and protocol requirements. Carne Genuina's choice is to collect other local excellences and offer products that respect the main production requirements, which is why in our online butcher's shop there are particular products, with DOP and IGP markings that choose to be healthy and genuine, but really !