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The difference between the Cinta Senese and the black pig of Calabria

Calabria and Tuscany compared

On the one hand, authentic, true, sometimes difficult flavors that bring to mind the harshness of the territory: the welcome of the people seems out of place next to plots of land far from the imagination of classic agriculture. On the other hand, the sweet cradle of the Tuscan hills which, like in a painting, captures the gaze and silences any thoughts. The comparison between two very different territories allows you to appreciate even more the flavors of the typical products which here - and here only - find their natural and perfect habitat.

Calabria is the undisputed homeland of 'Nduja , a particular food suitable for various preparations which chooses to offer the maximum of its flavor thanks to typical breeding and wild breeding. Tuscany also offers a breed of pig which, with a naïve touch, reaches art and is on display in the town hall of Siena.

Calabro salami or Cinta Senese salami?

The choice is difficult, the answer is exclusively personal, without ifs or buts. Calabrian black pig salami is a whirlwind of flavor easily recognizable by the binding which - strictly by hand - responds to a specific protocol. The proposal of the Carne Genuina online butcher's shop is from the Cadeo supply chain, an established and certified company which, in the province of Cosenza, has created a farm with only native pig breeds. The wild farms tell the story of the exclusivity of the Italian province and in Tuscany the Raineiri company allows you to taste the Salamino di Cinta Senese DOP , an exceptional product that enhances the typical flavor of the particular pig breed.

From salami to sausage, here's the comparison

Seasoned Cinta Senese PDO Sausage or Spicy Calabrian Black Pig Sausage ? The version produced with Cinta Senese chooses to enhance the sweet flavor and offer the authenticity of a simple, genuine product, created with a few selected and natural ingredients. The Calabra choice, on the other hand, structures its product by adding an equally genuine ingredient capable of giving a strong character denotation: hot chilli pepper and spices.

In any case, the preference towards one or the other is closely linked to personal taste, the need for the recipe and the brilliant joy of the imagination that sometimes is unleashed with a simple name. Just mention another product to awaken - without any hesitation - your taste buds: 'Calabrian black pig nduja , it works, right?

Breeding question

The genuine, tasty, fragrant product and closely linked to local tradition is guaranteed by different factors:

  • type of farming
  • preparation of the final product

For the more romantic you can add attention to detail and respect for small secrets handed down by family tradition. In short, just ask a master butcher what his secret is to get a formal smile in exchange and: "A matter of protocol, nothing more!". Now, it will be extremely complex to understand the secret - otherwise it wouldn't be called that! - but compliance with the other requirements already offers the final consumer the certainty of the authenticity of what he brings to the table neatly placed on a platter of cured meats and cheeses. Breeding in the wild is a rather curious and very ancient methodology, free animals in large spaces can feed themselves according to their needs and, thanks to this factor, develop muscle fibers that would otherwise be impossible.

Products: something special

There is a detail that amplifies the added value of choosing traditional breeding and even more so in the wild. The possibility of bringing products closely linked to the territory to the table translates into particular products to be used in the kitchen following certain rules. Complicated? It might seem like it, but to reproduce something typical you need to put in more effort.

Carne Genuina, following this common thread, chooses to promote the excellence of the Italian territory which ranges from famous, well-known and well-known products, to other more refined details to be treated with care: the Sbriciolona di Cinta Senese DOP , theFiocco of black pig from Calabria and theGota di Cinta Senese DOP are the last three arrivals that choose to compose the tasting proposal.

Carne Genuina recommends

Typical products, linked to the territory and capable of transmitting unique and particular sensations, must be created following a certain protocol which starts from the breeding method and is completed with their arrival on the table with the union of other ingredients and the creation of Italian recipes unique.

Local customs sometimes meet particular ingredients: Calabrian black pig lard combined with prawns for example, might seem like a gamble but, by following the recipe you can bring a delicious and truly original dish to the table! Choose particular products, find the right combinations and create a harmonious symphony! What's more spectacular than tasting a dish capable of tickling all the senses? Well, the scent of tradition meets unique flavors, and it's already an excellent step forward!