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6 things you don't yet know about Cinta Senese

Cinta Senese, what is it?

The Cinta Senese is a breed of pig from which cured meats and different cuts of meat with unique characteristics are obtained. The breed is bred in a specific area of ​​Tuscany where, in the shade of the oak trees, it is possible to see animals in the wild or semi-wild state intent on feeding themselves independently without subjecting themselves to the rigid rules of the farms.

The risk of extinction, avoided a few years ago, has allowed the pork breed to acquire greater value and become an excellence of Italian cuisine without competitors. The particular and unique taste, combined with the breeding method, is obtained thanks to the slow growth of the animal. This detail gives the pork a particular taste which awakens an intense and complete flavor on the palate.

Cinta Senese: a name, a program

The name Cinta Senese derives from the animal's coat which is black with a white band in the center of the back, hence the particular Cinta. Siena and the surrounding area represent the perfect habitat and land of origin. Here, in fact, the Montagnola Senese reigns undisputed and welcomes the pig breed that develops between wooded areas and small family-run farms. Pork meat , unlike other breeds, has excellent potential in terms of nutritional values, rich in Omega 3 and good cholesterol, suitable for those who choose to follow a complete and balanced diet.

Cinta Senese and acorns

What unites acorns with a pig breed? Simple! Nutrition. Animals raised in a semi-wild state feed themselves independently thanks to acorns, tubers, organic material present in the soil and tubers. This detail gives the pork a distinctive and unique trait characterized by a strong and well-defined flavour. This is why choosing a Cinta Senese loin roast represents added value. In short, it is almost always the quality of the ingredients that represents the real added value, while the master's touch is represented by the chef who chooses to add something special such as a special sauce and chooses to cook the roast pork loin using homemade nuts.

Unique characteristics of the Cinta Senese

Pork meat contains unique characteristics. Just think of the fact that nothing of the pork is thrown away, each cut corresponds to one or more recipes or at least this happens in Italian cuisine, the undisputed homeland of perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Cinta Senese presents itself as a succulent red meat with a rather strong note of flavor, this factor allows it to offer pork chops perfect for barbecues and beyond. In terms of cured meats, it is the Cinta Senese lard that is an added value as it is rich in oleic acid - an element that removes the risk of introducing an excessive quantity of cholesterol into the body. The fat is compact and pleasant on the palate, making it perfect for taking pride of place on a cold cuts and cheese platter.

Cinta Senese and historical notes

The effects of Good Government in the Countryside (1340), a work by Lorenzetti kept in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena, has a Cinta Senese as its predominant element. Although the frescoed animal is different from what is present today in the local countryside, it is useful to underline the importance of the origins of the animal which has solid and well-rooted roots here.

Today's animal is larger with ears folded over its eyes, but the typical feature of the white belt on its back remains unchanged. The locals choose to enhance their typical product thanks to various festivals that revolve around products obtained from the animal. For a Sienese, bringing a pork loin recipe to the table means enhancing the traditions and origins of the place. Several recipes tell how to cook pork chops, and choosing Cinta Senese is a bit like winning easily.

Pig breed and slow growth

The Cinta Senese is characterized by slow growth: slaughter takes place after at least 12 months and at each farrowing the sow gives birth to an average of 6 pigs, different numbers compared to other breeds. These elements represent the added value of these particular pigs and strengthen the desire to define themselves as a product of excellence. In short, a Cinta Senese pork loin is something sublime which, cooked according to tradition, offers a spectacular result, capable of leaving you speechless. thanks to a sublime, defined and characterizing flavour. The slow growth of the animal is also a common denominator in the production of cured meats since the slow passage of time allows master butchers to offer cured meats seasoned to perfection and in full respect of peasant tradition.

Question of authenticity

The Cinta Senese pig breed is one of the typical Italian specialties that underline the beauty of Italy. In fact, the Bel Paese hides gastronomic excellences which, in addition to a sublime flavour, manage to tell and create an indissoluble bond with the territory of origin. Choosing to bring typical and traditional products to the table is an entirely Italian quality that allows you to taste something special and at the same time learn more about or learn about the place of origin. Cinta Senese is the basis of Tuscan cured meats which, thanks to their strong flavour, are associated with the typical bread of the area. Do you know why Tuscan bread is without salt? Exactly for this reason! In this way, in fact, the flavor of the cured meats is enhanced! Cinta Senese now has no secrets anymore, you just need to bring it to the table and entertain diners with the thousand potentials and hidden secrets of this fantastic Italian excellence!