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Blue cheeses : between blutunt and gorgonzola

The best-known blue cheese: Gorgonzola

The name is enough to bring to mind that unique, unmistakable and creamy flavour. Gorgonzola is the most famous blue cheese in the world which represents one of the many excellences of Italy.

The unique taste profile collects the characteristic from the molds that are created in the maturing process. However, there are other blue cheeses which, with the same creaminess, lend themselves perfectly to being defined as worthy substitutes for the more famous Gorgonzola.

Blu di Bufala Muscat , Surfin' Blu and Blutunt : bitter at first touch, explosive in the aftertaste. The blue cheeses allow you to transform the tasting experience from acidic and apparently out of tune, to more uniform and complete undergrowth tones. The maturing, more or less long, allows the blue cheese to add a spicy note to its flavor which turns into a truly surprising added value.

The birth of gorgonzola

The legends that lie behind the birth of the best-known blue cheese in the world range from imaginative reconstructions to more real events. It seems that its appearance dates back to around the 15th century in a small town in the Milanese province, namely Gorgonzola.

Legend has it that a herdsman inadvertently mixed two curds with different temperatures, thus obtaining the characteristic streaks.

Initially it was called stracchinato, like many other DOP cheeses from the Bergamo province and only in the 20th century, thanks to expansion and marketing across borders, it was decided to give the name Gorgonzola with the addition of the acronym DOP.

Blue cheese and its use in cooking

Thanks to their creamy and compact consistency, blue cheeses lend themselves to multiple processes that go hand in hand with risky combinations.

The combinations in the kitchen range from first courses, second courses, desserts and appetizers, in short, there is always room for a tasty blue cheese. The omelette is perhaps the best known, where the addition of a protagonist ingredient such as Blutunt allows you to enrich the dish with a strong note of flavour.

Risotto, another symbolic dish of Lombard cuisine, lends itself to multiple variations with the addition of blue cheeses. Bruschetta for a homemade aperitif finds in blue cheese a valid ally to add a unique, consistent and important flavor to the table.

The idea of ​​using Blutunt cheese for the preparation of a typically sweet product is combined with the perfect partnership that coexists between blue cheeses and jams: the right balance between sweet and savory. This contrast turns into a perfect alchemy between acid and delicate, offering a particular dish full of flavour: discover the cheesecake you don't expect .

Indulging your imagination is always a good compromise in the kitchen, especially if you are sure of using artisanal products, rich in flavor and created following the strict rules of tradition. The Cheese Box Deluxe Bovì was created with this intent, so as to be able to offer tastings of particular products capable of unleashing the imagination of all chefs.