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Bbq and the Uruguayan Guinness . Did you know that…?

Mixed grill: that time...

Take any Sunday and “a couple” of friends. Choose to have a barbecue, so you can spend time in company, a day of light-heartedness and fight club-style confidences. Then it happens that the friends increase more and more, as does the quantity of "flat" to put on the grill, all of this, however, following the strict rules of grilled meat which, in addition to a precise marinade, must remain on the heat for a certain amount of time. medium long. At a certain point the situation gets out of hand and... The Guinness Book of Records is around the corner, exactly there, where the table with the last guest ends. It seems that the Uruguayan Guinness World Record barbecue was born more or less like this, in any case the fact is noteworthy and capable of attracting the attention of the media from all over the world.

Cuts of meat: the weight it's worth

10 tons of meat, more than a hundred grams. This is the amount of meat put on the fire by Uruguayan master grillers in the town of Minas, in the south of the region. Robert Bayarres is the creator of the super barbecue and it took him almost three months to organize everything down to the smallest detail because in addition to the careful selection of the beef to be grilled, the side dish also played its role: 4000 kilos of Russian salad! America cultivates a real cult for barbecue and for years Uruguay and Argentina have been competing for supremacy by challenging each other in last ribs competitions, to date the Guinness Book of Records has not yet been beaten, therefore it marks the first nation as the protagonist of the delightful podium.

Beef and numbers

Truly incredible efforts were put in place to achieve the record and take it away from Argentina, which had held it since 2008.

  • Around 200 people were responsible for cleaning and preparing the grilled beef
  • Over 100 cows
  • 14 hours of cooking monitored visually by the "pajilleros"
  • 16.5 tons of raw meat
  • 10.14 tons of cooked meat which decreed - thanks to a certified notary - the Guinness prize.

Grilled beef is a sort of guarantee for those traveling to South American countries. The certainty of having a delicious dish on your plate, cooked in abundance and rich in tradition, this is what barbecue represents for any Uruguayan. Another aspect to take into consideration when you want to replicate an overseas dish are the seasonings for grilled and grilled meat which must respect and enhance the flavor of the meat. In Italy it is customary to prepare an artisanal marinade, however it is a good idea not to tell this to a Uruguayan who might ban you from their friends list. Tradition is fundamental, which is why RUB represent the most valid compromise for maintaining friendly relationships between diners intact.

Sausage and beef, cooking question

The barbecue requires a certain discipline in the cooking phase since the preparation of the dishes requires 3 essential elements:

  • top quality cuts of meat
  • perfect cooking
  • essential marinade

Pork , unlike chicken and beef, requires less attention as it usually has a higher percentage of fat. Therefore, pork needs to be cooked rather quickly and over high heat. Grilled chicken meat is very "dry" and requires a dedicated and rather persistent marinade. Grilled beef, on the other hand, represents for many a real discipline that is difficult to overturn: from Fiorentina to T-Bone steak, it is necessary to use all the necessary caution and avoid head blows.

The starting point of the record

Uruguay has brought back to the fore the passion for barbecue and long-cooked cuts of meat capable of offering a unique flavor more similar to an experience than a simple "eat". Thinking of pork and seeing porchetta appear in your mind is a clear example of how long-cooked cuts of meat are something unique and special. Pulled pork or pulled pork is another classic example that allows you to cherish a memory that distances itself from the pure - albeit delicious - flavor of grilled meat!

In addition to the cooking method and choice of cut of meat to cook, you also need to pay attention to the barbecue as it could represent a valid ally or the most bitter enemy. The advice is to gain the right confidence, grilling "easy&Go" cuts and then try your hand at complex or long-lasting preparations. In short, the gray must be approached with careful attention!

Mixed grill and side dish

If the cut of meat is the protagonist, the side dish represents the perfect frame to complete an impressive dish. Choosing the classic is a good idea, daring extravagant ideas is a gamble that could surprise and tell a better version of the experience. In addition to vegetables, in fact, you can propose combinations with fruit - such as pineapple or mango - rather than dipped or grilled vegetables. The accompanying drink must respond to the tastes of the master griller, so as to allow him the right hydration during the work phase - craft beer or a still red wine , it doesn't matter. In short, choose genuine cuts of meat such as the Carne Genuina and BBQ Box proposal and start thinking about the perfect barbecue!