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A regola d'arte

The perfect steak

With this post we want to share with you the recipe for the perfect steak, in 10 simple points within everyone's reach. Brace yourselves, there are some urban legends to dispel!

1. Salt the steak 1 hour before cooking

The salt extracts water from the meat, and then penetrates back into the fibers in the form of salt water, the proteins denature and the myosin dissolves. This mixture of salt water enters deeper and deeper making the meat more tender and tasty. It is better to avoid coarse salt, it would take too long to penetrate the fibres. The sodium and chlorine ions penetrated between the fibers will protect the fibers from coagulation and the resulting loss of water during cooking. Myth of "never salt your steak before cooking" debunked!

2. Dry the steak well

The water could decrease the surface temperature of the steak, compromising the Maillard reaction that will make it tasty.

3. Heat empty skillet over medium high heat

Better to use a cast iron or steel pan, better to avoid non-stick pans, they are enemies of the Maillard reaction.

4. Add a drizzle of oil

It helps to better transfer the heat from the pan to the steak.

5. When the temperature of the pan is very high , place the steak

The temperature must always be above 100°C, all the juices that come out of the meat must vaporize instantly.

6. Do not turn the steak until the first side is browned

At first the steak will stick to the pan, then it will come off on its own. The steak can only be turned when, by peeking under a flap, we discover it is browned.

7. Repeat the same process on the second side

If the steak is thick, what determines its cooking is the temperature of its core: between 50 and 60°C you will obtain a medium-rare steak.

8. Place the steak on a plate, cover with foil and wait two minutes

In this way the juices will have the opportunity to redistribute and reach the surface areas again.

9. Sprinkle the steak with any liquid that remains in the pan

Using some wine to dissolve the lumps, if necessary.

10. Enjoy with excellent red wine

Always accompany the steak with a nice glass of red wine.