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Poke with organic meat: original and delicious

Passion poke bowl: the recipe with organic meat tartare

We all know it by now, the poke bowl has come to us in recent years and has no intention of leaving, in fact it is now a dish that many Italian restaurants offer and even the famous pokeries were born. Poke, for those who don't know it yet, is a typical dish of Hawaiian culture, it literally means cutting or chopping into small pieces; and it is precisely this characteristic that is the strong point of the dish that is becoming popular in all cities.

Poke is generally a single, complete and healthy dish that is served with proteins such as salmon, tuna or prawns - raw or cooked - always accompanied by a base, such as white rice, black rice or other cereals and with the addition of vegetables, legumes, eggs and seasonings and sauces to taste. Of course, many poker rooms also offer vegetarian versions that include tofu, grains and vegetables, to please everyone.

In short, pokes are healthy, quick to prepare, they are now found in all cities to enjoy an instant lunch break and they are delicious. But we didn't want to order poke in Milan or in the city and we wanted to prepare it at home?

In addition to the fun of composing the dish as you like, preparing the poke bowl at home is really easy, as it is a dish that generally does not contain cooked ingredients. The fun part lies in preparing all the ingredients in advance, deciding which sauces to serve and cooking the base which is normally based on white rice, basmati or black rice and then having fun composing your own poke as you like.

Once again, we abandon codified fashions and want to offer you the recipe for the Italian poke bowl: the one with organic beef tartare. You can follow the meat-based recipe, or use the instructions by adding your favorite fish or shellfish, or prepare both versions. In short, with this recipe, the poke bowl becomes a truly convivial moment between you and your guests and super customizable.

Poke ingredients with organic beef tartare (4 people)

  • 300 g of organic adult beef tartare
  • 250 g of basmati rice or Venere rice
  • 4 quail eggs or chicken eggs
  • 3 tomatoes or cherry tomatoes to taste
  • 3 files
  • 2 fresh spring onions with green stems
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 purple cabbage
  • rocket to taste
  • cashews or pistachios to taste
  • teriyaki sauce to taste
  • soy sauce to taste
  • fresh chili pepper to taste
  • sesame seed oil to taste
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste

Poke procedure with meat tartare

The first thing to do is prepare the base, whether it is basmati rice or Venere rice or other cereals to be cooked. We take the rice and put it in a pan and add lightly salted water so that they are in equal parts. Cover with the lid and let it cook slowly for at least 20 minutes without turning it. Once ready, drain it and lay it out on a pastry board and let it cool.

Let's move on to the protein, take the organic beef tartare, put it in a bowl and season it with sesame seed oil, salt, pepper, red chilli pepper and the juice of a lime if you wish. Once mixed well, if we want we form small cubes or keep it in the usual tartare shape.

Let's prepare the various condiments. Cut the tomato into cubes or wedges. If you use quail eggs, cook them in a fried egg or take the raw yolk of a normal egg. Clean the rocket, chop the chosen dried fruit, peel the avocado and cut it into cubes or wedges. Clean the spring onion and cut it finely only on the green part. Cut the purple cabbage into very thin slices and place it in a bowl and season with the teriyaki sauce and lime juice, marinate for at least 5 minutes.

Now the fun part, let's make the poke bowl: we always put the rice at the bottom of the bowl and then start adding all the condiments we want in order to taste. We season with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and finish with the organic tartare or with the raw or cooked salmon (the seasoning also goes perfectly with the fish), the finely chopped dried fruit and the cooked quail egg or the raw yolk of a chicken egg.