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San Valentino

Prawns with black pork lard and burrata

Prawns with lard recipe: land and sea together

A perfect dish for a special evening, for a dinner with friends or for a meal that requires refinement, freshness and taste. The prawns with Calabrian black pig lard and burrata combine typical ingredients of southern cuisine creating a unique synergy of flavours.

A quick, tasty recipe with easily available ingredients but which, if selected from the specialties that some Italian regions offer, also becomes delicious Italian cuisine. We are talking about Calabrian black pig lard and Apulian burrata stracciatella, ingredients that enclose the heart of the two regions that produce them. But let's now see how to prepare this delicious and light dish, which also leaves room for a good homemade dessert.

Recipe ingredients for prawns with lard and burrata

Prawns procedure with Calabrian black pig lard and burrata

Simplicity in taste and preparation. If you haven't bought them already clean, let's start by cleaning the carapace by removing only the central part and the black intestine. Rinse them under running water and pat dry with a cloth.

Now wrap each prawn with a slice of Calabrian black pig lard on the part without the shell and sprinkle some green pepper on top to taste. Now take a non-stick pan and melt a knob of butter with a little oil over a low heat.

Take the prawns with the lard and cook them over low heat in a pan for about a couple of minutes on each side. On the side, create an emulsion of stracciatella burrata and a little lemon to create an acidic sauce that you will plate as a base for the prawns. Now place the prawns while they are still hot and decorate with parsley to taste. Serve with a good glass of fresh white wine.