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Entrecote vs. Rib steak

Let's try to put a fixed point between ribeye and entrecôte . The cuts of meat (or steak cut) are similar in terms of position and size, but what is the decisive difference between entrecôte and ribeye (or rib steak)? More than the quality of the meat, it lies in the bone . This small - or large - part in the cut of meat knocks out the entrecôte (or also called boneless rib-eye) which does not have it, and delegates the undisputed podium to the rib-eye .

Who wins between steak and entrecôte? Which of the two is tastier and tastier? The game is easy, victory is a given, the outcome is impeccable.

The bone has its own reason , it contains part of the bone marrow and helps to bind the meat, so as to give a softer and juicier consistency to the rib . She is the queen of battle!

Cooking the rib

How to cook a ribeye? To keep the nutritional values ​​intact and complete a complete and perfect barbecue, you need to steal a few little tricks from the master grillers who teach you how to best cook the rib.

The rib is by nature and size a little more complicated to cook. The presence of bone determines the discriminating factor . Without careful cooking you risk bringing a half-raw dish to the table. To prevent this from happening, you can pan the rib steak for a few minutes to eliminate excess juices and have homogeneous meat. Or opt for the "reverse searing" technique, a technique that American grill masters teach us.

How to cook entrecôte? The French steak is suitable for direct cooking on the grill . A very respectable rib steak which requires the addition of secondary but equally important ingredients to enhance its flavour.

The choice to brush the beef entrecôte with truffle-scented extra virgin olive oil is, thanks to the Australian people, a fantastic idea capable of enriching the strong flavor of the meat.

Alternatively, and equally delicious, there is the idea of ​​adding a few flakes of Maldon salt at the end of cooking and just before bringing it to the table: a particular type of salt which boasts excellent characteristics and gives a delicate and defined flavor at the same time .

Beef entrecôte : the French steak cut

Entrecôte is a cut of beef obtained from the animal's ribs. Entrecôte in Italian is also called beef fracosta or sirloin since it is placed between one rib and another . Being a boneless rib, after being deboned and cleaned of excess parts and covering fat it is packaged for distribution.

How to cook veal or beef entrecôte? The classic cooking is rather superficial, the entrecôte is served rare with the addition of full-bodied sauces. It is one of the finest French cuts as it has soft meat with very little fat.

Although it looks like any steak, chefs pay a fair amount of attention when cooking the entrecôte , especially in France, where this cut of meat is most successful. It must be short but intense . Only in this way, in fact, thanks to the Maillard reaction is a crust rich in flavor created that contrasts and satisfies with the softness of freshly seared meat.

The risk of leaving meat on the stove for too long is just around the corner. This is why it is necessary to monitor the entrecôte during cooking. Overcooked meat becomes stringy and tough, as the heat evaporates the juices stored inside.

The finest entrecôte is made from a specific breed of beef that finds its ideal habitat in Scotland: Angus, even better if black. It is the perfect animal to offer a fine cut of meat and, if cooked to perfection, rich in taste and flavour.

The rib : the Italian steak cut

The rib comes from the animal's ribs . The size is important and represents a good cut of meat that can weigh up to a kilo or even more.

The composition is the result of a perfect cut that includes meat and bone, and owes its rich flavor to the release of the marrow juices contained in the bone during cooking.

Suitable for an important barbecue, the rib is one of the typical Italian dishes which, alongside the much better known Fiorentina, garners countless acclaim especially in the Tuscany region.

To cook a rib to perfection you need to pay close attention to uniform cooking as the presence of the bone could prove to be an important obstacle : the part of the rib closest to the bone must be placed exactly above the flame so as to allow complete cooking.

Usually the Fiorentina, as well as the rib , are obtained from the Chianina beef breed, but it will be the subsequent maturation of the meat and before that the type of diet to which the animal is subjected to determine its juiciness and flavours.

How to cook a ribeye? To cook the rib eye as best as possible, chefs recommend removing the rib eye steak from the refrigerator a few hours before cooking so that it can grill at room temperature. This little trick allows you to keep the soft texture intact.

Components of a perfect barbecue

Becoming a master griller is not for everyone. Refine your technique by choosing quality cuts of meat for BBQ and rich in flavor that transforms your culinary ideas into delicious and genuine dishes.

Carne Genuina offers different variations capable of stimulating the imagination of all novice and experienced chefs. The little tricks that take inspiration from the different types of cooking tell the story of the passion and dedication that allows a cut of meat to transform into a complete, satisfying and flavourful dish.

Our BBQ Box contains these cuts of meat and many others, the rib-eye finds space next to salami and beef ribs . A respectable barbecue must be made up of different cuts of meat that can guarantee continuity of flavor while accentuating different characteristics.