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5 vegetables to pair with chicken meat

Chicken meat online: characteristics and curiosities

Chicken meat is among the most consumed second courses in the world, thanks to its being extremely versatile and almost without any type of restriction for different religions. Chicken or turkey meat? Both fall into the white meat category and are very similar in taste, the most obvious difference - and perhaps the only one - is in the nutritional values: chicken contains 93 mg/100 g of cholesterol while turkey 195 mg/100 g considering cuts of meat including skins.

Another aspect to consider when proposing recipes with chicken meat is the cut you choose. The edible parts are: head, neck, breast, wings , thighs and thighs, legs and offal. Now that the overview is quite clear, we need to focus on another detail: the side dish, it is in fact this element that creates the right balance on a gustatory level. How you do it? Here are some ideas.

Healthy chicken breast and vegetables

The classic among the most classic diets is the Mediterranean diet which chooses to integrate the diet with many foods ranging from meat to pasta. When it comes to meat, white meat is preferable - have you thought about chicken? - in addition to seasonal vegetables or cooked with little fat. Are there vegetables that are more suitable than others? After all, vegetables are the perfect combination to bring a low-calorie and tasty dish to the table!

Grilled chicken meat and bitter roots

Bitter roots are an unusual pairing for chicken, capable of enhancing the delicate flavor of the meat and adding a touch of flavor. The ideal is to combine the meat with the Rubs for chicken so as to complete the dish without compromising the balance. The preparation of the roots is very simple:

  • Wash and clean the roots with running water and eliminate the superficial part with the help of a knife.
  • Cut into pieces of about 4 centimeters and boil for half an hour in previously salted water.
  • In a pan, brown the roots with a couple of spoons of tomato sauce and a yellow potato.

Plate up and the first recipe of grilled chicken breast and bitter roots is ready!

Wild herbs and chicken rolls

Another perfect side dish for chicken meat are wild herbs. Simply pick them up, leave them to soak in salted water to eliminate any parasites and sear them in a pan just enough to wilt them. When cooking the meat, depending on the recipe chosen, you can add a master's touch such as a touch of red beer or choose to cook the chicken in the oven with light beer and propose field herbs as a side dish.

The apparently unusual combination remains the perfect compromise to move away from the classic side dish of potatoes or sad salad. Furthermore, chicken rolls lend themselves to being enriched with many ingredients, in short, in every version the chicken meat is proposed, it manages to be dietary and tasty at the same time.

Dietary chicken breast with lemon and cardoons

The steak cardi combination helps make chicken breast tasty for children, and yes, you always need a good excuse! After cleaning the cardoons, cut them in two and dip them in a previously prepared batter made with eggs and white flour. Fry everything in boiling oil and to exaggerate to the nth degree you can choose to do the same with the meat, or to avoid excessively weighing down the dish you can think of combining the cardoons in batter with the lemon chicken breast, like this To create a 50% dietary recipe, in short, you need to find a compromise and bring something appetizing and delicious to the table.

Free range chicken and glazed carrots

Free-range chicken offers a particular flavor thanks to the free-range rearing method. The animal develops muscle fibers that are more resistant than intensive farming which translates into a more intense and authentic taste. Glazed carrots are the perfect side dish as they increase the flavor and make the dish special.

Curry is the indispensable ingredient for the recipe and, where you want to add useful to pleasant, you can make the chicken curry recipe and add the sliced ​​carrots when the cooking is almost finished. In short, the possibilities are many, the dish lends itself to different solutions, you need to choose, nothing else.

From the farm to the table: free-range chicken

The common imagination associates a healthy dish with something sad or excessively poor in seasonings and consequently in taste. However, it is possible to bring something tasty to the table without affecting the caloric intake and maintaining intact the respect of one's diet which, as we know, receives more attention in certain periods of the year.

The approach of summer, for example, is the moment in which many people choose to follow a strict diet to lose a few kilos as a direct consequence of past excesses. Chicken meat is an excellent compromise which, on the one hand, offers a measured caloric intake, and on the other, lends itself to being accompanied with healthy and tasty side dishes. The trick is to be assigned to chicken meat recipes that choose to combine with vegetables and lend themselves to sometimes eccentric variations. The free-range chicken that you can find in online butchers remains the key ingredient capable of giving an extra touch thanks to the particular farming method, everything else is... side dish!