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Vita e animali in cascina

Life and animals on the farm

Life on the farm: discovering our animal friends

In our charming farmhouse, life revolves around a diverse community of animals that help make every day a unique and special adventure.

From the majestic cows to the friendly chickens, from the docile calves to the energetic donkey, each animal has its role and its distinctive personality that enriches life on the farm.

Animals present on the farm in Treviglio

On the farm we host a variety of animals, each with their own unique characteristics.

Among our guests there are cows, bulls and calves, which represent the backbone of our agricultural activity.

Next to them we find the adorable donkey Rosita, the chickens and ducks, Uncle Andrea's bees, the cats and our faithful dog Ombra.

Cattle breeds present on the farm

Our animal breeds are equally diverse and fascinating. Among the cows, we have the Friesian, the Belgian Blue, the Wagyu, the Angus and the Brahman, each with their own distinctive characteristics and their own contribution to our agricultural production.

Our cattle breeds

Friesian : The Friesian breed is known for its high-quality milk production and hardiness. Friesian cows are medium in size and generally have a black and white color. They are calm and docile animals.

Belgian Blue : The Belgian Blue breed is renowned for its impressive musculature and ability to grow rapidly. The specimens of this breed are usually large in size and have a uniformly blue color.

Wagyu 90% : originally from Japan, the wagyu breed is famous for its fine, marbled meat. The specimens of this breed are known for their docile temperament and their resistance to adverse climatic conditions. They are medium-sized animals with a color that varies from black to red.

Angus : The Angus breed is widely recognized for its adaptation to a wide range of environments. The specimens of this breed are medium in size and have a uniform black color. They are robust and rustic animals.

Brahman : The Brahman breed is known for its resistance to heat and drought, as well as its adaptability to tropical climates. The specimens of this breed have a reddish-grey color and are equipped with a characteristic dorsal hump. They are very rustic and vigorous animals, ideal for environments with high temperatures and extreme climatic conditions.

The new arrival: Rosita the donkey

One of the most recent additions to our farm is the donkey Rosita, who arrived with us on December 13th, coinciding with the feast of Saint Lucia.

Its history is shrouded in mystery, but we know that it was given to us after the distribution of festive sweets, and since then it has become an integral part of our agricultural community.

Rosita is a purebred donkey, with a distinctive cross on her back that arouses curiosity and admiration.

Her sweet and affectionate temperament makes her particularly loved by all of us, and she has even established a special bond with her grandfather Carlo, whom she calls affectionately every time she sees him.

Rosita in farm life

Rosita is destined to become a protagonist of our farm's initiatives, from open days to Easter egg hunts. Her role as a pet donkey has already been enthusiastically accepted by all, and we are sure that she will be involved in many fun and meaningful activities in the future.

At first, Rosita's arrival sparked mixed reactions among the other animals on the farm. The cows, in particular, were intimidated by his braying, as there had never been a donkey on the farm before. However, over time, they have become accustomed to his presence and now welcome his voice with tranquility.

For the future, we expect to involve Rosita again in many initiatives, especially during the feast of Saint Lucia, when she will certainly be the protagonist of new adventures and moments of celebration with the community.

Her presence has already become an important part of our life on the farm, and we can't wait to see what the future holds with her.