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Grigliata fuori porta senza pensieri

Grill outside the city without worries

Organization of the barbecue: ideas and suggestions

Outdoor barbecues are among the most pleasant and convivial experiences of the summer, organizing an outdoor barbecue has never been so simple thanks to a series of ideas and suggestions that will make everything easier and more fun.

Here's how to organize a worry-free trip out of town, with ideas for a barbecue for two, a small barbecue, and the use of the ecological disposable Casus Grill grill.

Grill outside the city without worries

Spring has sprung and sunny days invite you to spend time outdoors. How about a barbecue outside with friends or family?

Here are our tips for enjoying nature, food and company in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Organization of the barbecue

For a worry-free barbecue, it is important to organize in advance. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the location : opt for a park equipped with picnic areas, or for a place surrounded by nature such as a forest or a beach. Check the availability of barbecues and stoves, or bring your portable grill with you.
  • Establish the menu : consider the number of people and everyone's tastes. Meat, fish, grilled vegetables are the classic dishes, but you can also indulge yourself with pizzas, focaccias and stuffed sandwiches. Don't forget the sauces and condiments to accompany your dishes.
  • Prepare a shopping list : meat, vegetables, bread, drinks, compostable or reusable tableware, charcoal or wood for the grill. Don't forget to also include cleaning products such as garbage bags and detergents.

For a barbecue for two or a small barbecue, it is important to choose a selection of foods that lend themselves well to cooking on the grill and that are easy to transport and prepare. Opt for fresh meats and vegetables, along with bread and condiments to make delicious bruschetta. Don't forget to also bring cold drinks and soft drinks to accompany the meal.

What to bring for an outdoor barbecue?

In addition to food and drinks, here are some useful accessories for a worry-free barbecue:

  • Portable Grill : If a barbecue is not available on site, choose a lightweight and compact portable grill.
  • Grilling utensils : tongs, forks, spatulas and knives are essential for cooking and serving food.
  • *If you use a charcoal grill, make sure you have enough fuel available.
  • Lighter or matches : to light the fire.
  • Table and chairs : to create a convivial area where you can eat and chat in the absence of dedicated areas.
  • Blanket or towel : to lie down on the lawn and relax.
  • Outdoor games : to entertain children and adults.

Ecological grilling with the Casus Grill

The Casus Grill ecological disposable grill is the ideal choice for a worry-free and environmentally friendly barbecue. Practical to carry and use, made with ecological materials and completely biodegradable, it is light, compact and easy to transport.

Plus, it lights quickly and offers even, controlled cooking, ensuring great results without the use of portable charcoal or gas. Casus Grill is a disposable grill made from recycled and biodegradable cardboard, just turn on the grill, wait a few minutes and you are ready to start grilling.

Grill for two: ideas and advice

If you want an intimate and romantic experience, organize a barbecue for two. Choose a quiet and evocative place, prepare a light and appetizing menu and enjoy your company in a special atmosphere.

Ideas for a barbecue for two:

  • Create a romantic menu : choose fine cuts of meat such as fillet or comfortable skewers, accompany with grilled vegetables and prepare a special sauce.
  • Bring a blanket and pillows : to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Add a touch of music : create a playlist with your favorite songs.

Where to grill in Lombardy?

Bergamo, Crema, Milan and Brescia offer a wide range of ideal places to organize an outdoor barbecue. From city parks to nearby picnic areas, there are numerous options to spend a day outdoors in the company of friends and family.

If you're looking for inspiration, take a look at our articles dedicated to these cities, where you'll find suggestions on all the places (and precise directions) where to grill and what to do in the surrounding area.

Places to grill in Bergamo, Crema, Milan and Brescia:

Outdoor barbecue: useful tips

  • For a healthier barbecue, choose lean meat and seasonal vegetables.
  • Marinate the meat beforehand to make it softer and tastier.
  • Cook the vegetables over medium heat to prevent them from burning.
  • Don't forget to hydrate by drinking water and soft drinks.
  • Leave the barbecue area clean and free of waste.

Organizing a worry-free outdoor barbecue is easy with the right planning and equipment. With the Casus Grill ecological disposable grill and a selection of fresh and tasty foods, you can enjoy a day outdoors in the company of your loved ones, creating unforgettable memories and savoring the authentic taste of grilling.

With a little organization and imagination, your outdoor barbecue will be a success!