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Man is omnivorous : here is the link with Italian cuisine!

Italian meat and scientific evidence

Since school, we have always been taught that the evolution of human beings also depends on nutrition. There are few fixed points, among them a common denominator that chooses meat as an ever-present food. However, in the cyber world, conflicting voices are circulating, some underlining the total uselessness of meat and the possibility of human beings to easily do without it. Excluding theories that replace real meat with blended preparations, various scientific evidence emerges.

Guys ask questions about meat

Italian meat and teeth

Our upper and lower dental arch is multifunctional and, when compared with exclusively herbivorous living beings, highlights many differences:

  • Our teeth have a predetermined growth rate
  • Our mouth does not allow us to grab food from the ground
  • It is difficult to cut grass from a lawn given the position of the incisors
  • The molars, as resistant as they are, are not suitable for chopping vegetables
  • Chewing is essential, especially for large products
  • The canines are sharp, and are perfect for cutting a piece of meat

Grip issue

The opposable thumb is the perfect and additional explanation that demonstrates the human's ability to hunt prey by building weapons. The total absence of claws is yet another demonstration that tips the scales towards the omnivorous nature of man who, thanks to these characteristics, can breed Italian cow breeds without too many compromises. The frontal eyes also allow us to observe the horizon and keep track of possible prey or dangers. The approach of the prey is different, as it has eyes placed laterally to "stay on guard" and defend itself from possible predators.

Man eats a chicken leg

Records, but up to a certain point

Man belongs to the primates, it is a fact, impossible to dispute. However, this does not mean that you should feed exclusively on foliage, just think of the characteristics mentioned above. Primates, like our Chimpanzees - our close relatives - are omnivorous, they hunt small prey, consume eggs, feed on insects such as ants and termites. 100% Italian meat and beyond is and remains an essential food, rich in nutritional values ​​necessary for survival.

A note on the Gorilla

It is true that it feeds only on vegetables. It is true that his powerful physicality is underlined. The Gorilla feeds on grass and some insects - just under 1%. It should be underlined that for correct nourishment the Gorilla reaches 30 kg of vegetables ingested per day, and in comparison the human being should eat around 14 kg of vegetables, in short, quite unlikely and compromising for the intestine and beyond.

Fresh Italian meat and enzymes

Yet another scientific evidence is demonstrated in the enzymes that come into play during digestion. Human beings are equipped with lipases, enzymes capable of destroying triglycerides, and more generally fats, present above all in foods of animal origin. Now, if it is true - as it is true - that the human being is a perfect machine, why would we have these enzymes if we had to eat only vegetables? The answer is that nature is on the side of those who choose to add Italian organic meat to their diet: rich in nutrients and low in strengthening chemical additives.

Plate of mixed products to indicate that man is omnivorous

The intestine is a question of numbers

Did you know that the length of the human intestine is the same as that of omnivorous animals? The small intestine is between 8 and 9 meters long and this length is necessary to reduce and transform the introduced nutrients. The most important section is the large intestine - approximately 2 meters long - where food rots and creates bacterial microflora. The process occurs for both meat and fruit, and it is a completely natural and healthy process.

Predominantly herbivorous living beings, on the other hand, can count on an intestine structured in such a way as to digest fibers and cellulose, making use of the double stomach. The sea lion, carnivorous by definition, is the mammal with the longest intestine and clashes with the salpa - a fish - which is omnivorous by definition and has an even longer intestine. Therefore the length of the intestine is a criterion that has value, but up to a certain point.

Italian meat, the question is solved

The scientific evidence suggests a single and - now - indisputable solution. Human beings are omnivorous and have the right to choose, therefore they may prefer to enjoy the best Italian meat without discrimination or excessive complaints from those who, unlike them, have made different choices.

After all, 100% Italian meat is not all the same but ranges from cuts of Italian beef coming from organic and traditional farms to other, more industrialized ones that choose to focus on other factors. Carne online Genuina is a farm that has made tradition a key value, and chooses to offer an online butcher's shop with cuts of Italian beef selected and created with full respect for the environment and the animal's well-being. The question boils down to a choice, after all it is very often free will that puts the final word.