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Una cena romantica a luce di brace

A romantic barbecue dinner

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day as a couple: a unique gastronomic experience

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the love and complicity between two special people.

Nothing surpasses the magic of a romantic dinner, sipping good wine, sharing sweet conversations and letting cooking become the means through which you express your feelings.

Love and good food go hand in hand, and what is more romantic than a candlelit dinner prepared with love? Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of a special evening, where every bite is an ode to your love.

But what is the perfect dish for a romantic evening? The answer could be found in an evening of tasting at home with the "Dinner for Two" box.

Discover our Valentine's Day tasting box "Dinner for Two"

To make your romantic dinner unforgettable, we offer our exclusive "Dinner for Two" Box. A meal kit that includes everything you need for a quality gastronomic evening - from the first to the second.

You will find our ragù made as it once was, for a first course that precedes the main course with the ribeye sprinkled with Maldon salt.

In short, from the 2 succulent beef ribs to the delicacies such as the complimentary seasoned salami and the delicious Bovì beef ragù, every detail is taken care of to offer you an extraordinary culinary experience.

Accompany your romantic dinner with a bottle of organic Barbera d'Asti. A wine that enhances the flavors of the meat and perfectly completes your evening. Treat yourself and your partner to an unforgettable gastronomic experience, where love is expressed through the palate.

And, if the Box is no longer available, don't worry, you can also find individual products.

Tips to become real experts!

And, between one fork and another, here are some curiosities to become true all-round cooking experts.

What is meant by ribeye steak?

Rib steak is a cut of meat taken from the top of the loin. Characterized by the presence of the bone, this steak is known for its juiciness and its intense flavor. The quality of the meat is essential to fully savor the goodness of the rib.

What is the difference between Fiorentina and ribeye?

The distinction between Florentine steak and ribeye steak can be confusing. In reality, both derive from the same portion of meat: the loin.

Fiorentina is characterized by the presence of the T-bone, while the rib is a steak obtained from the upper part of the loin, without the bone. Two different interpretations, but both delicious.

What is the difference between steak and ribeye?

We often use the terms "steak" and "rib steak" interchangeably, but there is a difference. Steak is a general term for a slice of meat, while ribeye specifically refers to a cut steak with the bone attached. The presence of the bone gives the rib an unmistakable juiciness and flavour.

What changes between steak and steak?

The main difference between rib-eye and steak lies in the bone. The ribeye is served with the bone attached, while the steak is a boneless steak. Both offer an excellent tasting experience, but the presence of the bone gives the rib eye a unique character.

A super romantic dinner for two

Ultimately, the perfect Valentine's Day gift for couples is one that celebrates love through food and shared experiences.

Whether it's an elegant dinner, an evening of tasting or a gastronomic weekend, the important thing is to create memories that will last forever.