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Giornata nazionale contro lo spreco alimentare

National day against food waste

When is Food Waste Day?

Every year, on February 5, Italy joins the National Day against Food Waste to raise public awareness of the need to reduce waste in the production and consumption of food.

In this context, Carne Genuina stands out for its distinctive philosophy focused on sustainability, ethics and innovation in meat consumption.

Sustainability in meat consumption: Carne Genuina's commitment

In an era where sustainability is at the center of attention, Carne Genuina emerges as an ambitious project. Our main goal is to transform meat consumption into a sustainable experience.

This goes beyond simply offering meat products; it is a philosophy that places quality and awareness at the center of consumer choices. Carne Genuina is committed to making meat a valuable element, coming from responsible sources.

"Less, But Better": a new approach to meat consumption

The Carne Genuina mantra, "eat less, but of higher quality", reflects an important turning point in the way we approach meat.

In an era where meat production is associated with environmental and ethical challenges, this approach promotes reducing the amount of meat consumed.

The focus on quality, ethics and sustainability is an invitation to a new awareness in meat consumption, promoting a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Innovation and tradition: the Carne Genuina project

Carne Genuina stands out for its innovation in reducing food waste. By enhancing often overlooked cuts, known as "fifth quarters", the project demonstrates that even less noble parts can be transformed into delicious dishes.

The sale of boxes with assorted products , which integrates fine and lesser-known cuts, represents a concrete commitment to reducing waste and enhancing every part of the animal. The philosophy is encapsulated in the quote "There is nothing better than a good quality boiled meat", underlining the importance of quality and expert preparation.

We also support and valorise waste

Carne Genuina not only reduces waste by enhancing less noble cuts but also embraces the idea of ​​supporting and selling products traditionally considered waste.

This initiative not only reduces waste but offers consumers the opportunity to discover new and delicious cuts of meat, demonstrating that every part of the animal can contribute to an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

The vision of Carne Genuina is that of a complete and sustainable supply chain, which leaves nothing to chance, fueling awareness and responsibility in meat consumption.

Discovering noble waste

In an era where food sustainability is fundamental, Carne Genuina embraces the idea of ​​"noble waste", a category often overlooked but rich in gastronomic treasures. These include a wide range of offal, including tripe, kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, small intestine, testicles, spleen, udder, brain, tail, legs and tongue.

Offals, often considered less noble parts of the animal, are instead rich in flavor and nutrients. Tripe, expertly cooked, offers a unique texture and robust flavor. Kidneys, hearts and livers add depth and complexity to many culinary preparations. Parts such as the tongue and brain, carefully prepared, reveal unique flavors that satisfy the most adventurous palates.

Carne Genuina is committed to enhancing these often underestimated parts, showing how they can become protagonists of delicious and nutritious dishes.

Instead of considering them as waste, the project celebrates them as a precious culinary resource, inviting consumers to explore new gastronomic horizons. With the right approach, "noble waste" becomes versatile and appreciated ingredients, contributing to a sustainable cuisine rich in tradition.

Our commitment to a sustainable culture and zero impact meat

In this context, Carne Genuina positions itself as a pioneer in promoting a conscious and sustainable approach to meat consumption, offering not only high quality products but also a vision that goes beyond the simple act of eating.

National Day Against Food Waste is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how our food choices can contribute to a more sustainable world.