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Storie Genuine

Respectful slaughter of cattle

The supply chain that makes the difference: ethical slaughter

Nowadays it is normal to buy meat at the supermarket: a food packaged in a tray, the same as many others, accessible like many others and produced like many others. An assembly line that, however, does not knead industrial biscuits, but rather produces steaks.

Since slaughter has become an assembly line to reduce costs, it is reasonable to suspect that the conditions of the previous steps are equally alienating and of poor quality, both for the animals and also for the operators: mass transport, immense super-intensive farms and situations in which unfortunately the life of the animal is nothing more than a process relating to the industrial production of meat.

Carne Genuina wants to make a difference. Not only by offering the first 100% Italian zero-impact meat, but by promoting controlled and transparent supply chains, where animal welfare and consumer protection are put first.

Our family business is a supply chain that makes the difference, from start to finish. Of course, it is not at all easy to talk about slaughter: the topic is delicate and now foreign to people's daily lives, even those who consume meat.

Is respectful slaughter possible?

Since the slaughter of cattle and other animals is a difficult topic, the large meat supply chains have often decided to gloss over the discussion, but we think it is a duty to be transparent, not only on breeding methods, but also on slaughter methods: telling and informing are part of our mission and what we would like to try to explain is that slaughter is an act that exists and involves every living being, whether animal or vegetable. Correct and controlled procedures exist and it is right to know them and demand that they be applied and the first person who is interested is the breeder.

The ideal is to be able to slaughter the animals without physical or psychological suffering and we at Carne Genuina work as best we can to achieve this objective, committing ourselves to respecting the animals both during the loading phase on the truck and during the slaughter phase.

Grandfather Carlo, during his career as a breeder, became a true expert in "loads" and receives numerous compliments from butchers for the tranquility and order with which this very delicate phase is carried out. We want to tell you about our good practices as opposed to the "assembly line" slaughter procedures of industrial situations.

How is a cattle slaughtered?

The load in the stable

Imagine an intensive breeding farm and hundreds of steers to be loaded all together onto trucks, amidst shouting and pushing.

Instead, now you enter our stable, where a single steer is usually loaded at a time, which is kept in a large single pen from the morning. The ramp towards the truck is covered with straw to facilitate the climb, without slips or sudden scares; this is a trick of grandfather Carlo, who guarantees a serene and totally unaware load, without force or violence.


Imagine a journey of hours and hours in a "cattle wagon", hot and crowded, without water or the possibility of lying down.

Instead, now you travel together with our artisan butchers: their laboratories are only 10 km from our farmhouse. After loading the steer, they only travel for about 15 minutes.

The wait

Imagine an immense enclosure, with hundreds of animals waiting: they don't know each other, they are disoriented and nervous. They will wait for their turn for hours and it is possible that they will spend the night in that enclosure, perhaps without water or space to rest.

Instead, now look at our beef: it is in the enclosure of one of our family-run slaughterhouses. There are less than a dozen animals waiting, they are calm and will be guaranteed respectful slaughter by one of our trusted butchers.

Why are we telling you this?

Animal farms intended to produce food for humans can exist only and exclusively if they have the consent of public opinion. Correct information is essential to form a critical sense and to provide people with the tools to make informed choices.

We need to explain, to make it clear that to produce cheap meat, it is necessary to breed and slaughter in an intensive and industrial way, on an assembly line. To produce Genuine Meat, however, care is needed in every single phase: from breeding to distribution.

We were among the first to offer meat online because our position has always been to support a return to origins: the purchase of quality meat directly from the farmer, with genuine cuts processed by a trusted butcher and packaged in-house of a family-run business where every step is transparent and controlled.

Conscious consumption is possible by restoring beef to the value it deserves: supporting respect for animal welfare, selecting trusted companies, valorising the work of breeders and artisans and choosing products of guaranteed origin. This is the work we do at Cascina di Carne Genuina.