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Genuine meat: a hardworking bee in the Treviglio hive

Our company says yes to the Beehive

In a world where collaboration and sustainability have become paramount, companies are increasingly looking for ways to join initiatives that promote ethical values ​​and responsible practices. We are proud to announce that our company is part of an exciting reality called " Beehive that says yes! ". In this blog article, we will introduce you to the Treviglio hive, explain what it does and illustrate how our company participates in this precious community.

What is "Hive That Says Yes!"?

“Hive that says yes!” it is an initiative that is part of a broader context of change towards a more sustainable, responsible food system that is close to the needs of local communities.

Founded in 2015, the initiative quickly spread throughout Italy. The Treviglio Beehive is one of the many hives scattered throughout Italy.

This initiative aims to create a direct connection between agricultural producers and informed consumers, facilitating the exchange of fresh, high-quality products without intermediaries.

The main goal of "Hive That Says Yes!" is to promote the short supply chain, a system in which the path that a food takes from production to consumption is reduced to a minimum, favoring the geographical proximity between producer and consumer. This approach promotes numerous advantages both from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

How does the hive work?

The Treviglio hive is a weekly meeting point where local producers and consumers meet to exchange fresh, quality products. The farmers, who share the principles of sustainability, organic farming and respect for the environment, offer fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meat, bread and many other products that can be purchased by members of the hive.

Through the online platform of "Alveare che dice yes!" , consumers can browse products available in their area and place orders directly from manufacturers. Subsequently, the hives organize a weekly meeting point where products are dropped off and picked up by the hive members. This allows consumers to access a variety of fresh, seasonal and locally sourced products, maintaining a direct link with local farmers.

A central aspect of the initiative is the valorization of sustainable and organic agriculture. The hives encourage meetings between producers who respect ecological cultivation principles, using agricultural practices that reduce the use of pesticides, promote biodiversity and preserve natural resources.

The "Hive that says yes!" is a network that aims to revolutionize the way we produce, purchase and consume food. Through the promotion of the short supply chain and sustainable agriculture, we aim to create a more direct and aware connection between producers and consumers, promoting greater environmental sustainability, the valorisation of local resources and a more cohesive community.

Genuine meat from the Treviglio hive

Our company is proudly part of the Treviglio hive. This means that we support and promote the short supply chain, offering our customers fresh and local products.

We collaborate with local producers affiliated with the hive, who respect the principles of sustainable and organic agriculture. By purchasing their products, we support the local economy and reduce the environmental impact associated with long-distance freight transportation.

Furthermore, our company actively participates in the events and initiatives promoted by the Treviglio hive, to raise consumer awareness of the importance of a balanced, sustainable and environmentally friendly diet. We seek to educate and engage our community on issues related to local agriculture and food sustainability.

Benefits for the community: hive that says yes

Being part of the Treviglio hive represents a commitment to sustainability and the valorization of local resources. Through our participation, we help promote the health and well-being of our community. Here are some of the benefits that the Treviglio hive offers:

  • Fresh, quality products : By purchasing directly from local farmers, members of the Treviglio hive can enjoy fresh, freshly harvested, high-quality products. This translates into better flavors and a healthier diet for everyone.
  • Environmental sustainability : by reducing the distance between producer and consumer, the environmental impact linked to the transport of goods over long distances is also reduced. Furthermore, farmers affiliated with the Treviglio hive follow sustainable and organic practices, contributing to the conservation of the environment and the protection of biodiversity.
  • Local economy : by supporting local producers, the Treviglio beehive promotes the development of the local economy. Farmers have the opportunity to sell their products directly, obtaining a fair price for their work and contributing to the growth of the community.
  • Cohesive community : the Treviglio hive is a place of meeting and exchange between producers and consumers. This creates a sense of belonging and community, where members can share experiences, ideas and advice. Authentic relationships are created that go beyond the simple act of purchasing.

A large hardworking hive

Being part of the Treviglio hive represents for our company a concrete commitment towards sustainability, the valorisation of local products and the promotion of a short supply chain. We support local farmers who adopt sustainable practices, offer fresh, quality products to our customers and contribute to the growth of our community.

We invite everyone to participate in the Treviglio hive and support this wonderful initiative. Together we can create a more fair, sustainable and supportive food system, ensuring a better future for ourselves and future generations.

Join us in the Treviglio hive and discover the pleasure of supporting our local community and tasting genuine products directly from our land.