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Griglia into the wild

Brescia for the Easter picnic / barbecue

Easter Monday barbecue ideas in Brescia? Nature and freedom!

Easter Monday lunch has since time immemorial been linked to barbecue meat, grilled, fragrant, succulent and tasty. Imagining a barbecue means having an immediate return in terms of mouth watering and the inexplicable desire to taste a properly cooked rib, spiced in the right amount, crunchy and soft as only a few master grillers can do.

In short, Easter Monday and mixed grill is a winning combination that is enriched with details year after year. Today we need to pay maximum attention to the environment, to the ability to produce something in perfect line with the territory and with full respect. How to do? You need to rely on the enormous potential of nature, grasp the capabilities of the different elements and calibrate them to the right extent, in other words you need to grill using the casus grill.

Choose the environment: the Easter Monday barbecue

The first step to creating a conscious barbecue with delicious and delicious Italian cuts of meat is to pay attention to the environment. While on the one hand very few materials are needed to light a fire, it is equally true that choosing the right place, especially when it comes to a trip out of town, is of vital importance.

Furthermore, it is important to check whether the chosen location is subject to barbecue restrictions or bans, especially in protected areas or during periods of severe drought.

Choose meat online with the Easter Monday meat box

If the tools are in perfect harmony with the environment, then even the raw material, the substance, the pure essence of the grill must be something selected and chosen with abundance. Carne online Genuina chooses to offer a selection dedicated to Easter and Easter Monday barbecues while remaining faithful to its production principles. In fact, the farm chooses to create products that derive from traditional processes and guarantee the well-being of the animal, only in this way can top quality cuts of meat be obtained without compromising the supply chain. In our two proposals for Easter Monday box there are:

Classic Easter Monday grill box

  • 4 beef burgers, 150g each
  • 4 pork sausages, 175 g each
  • 4 pork skewers, 150 g each
  • 1 1 kg rack of whole pork ribs (about 10 ribs in total)
  • 1 kg Luganega sausage, 1 kg portion

Peasant Easter Monday barbecue box

  • 4 beef burgers, 150g each
  • 4 pork sausages, 175 g each
  • 4 pork skewers, 150 g each
  • 1 1 kg rack of whole pork ribs (about 10 ribs in total)
  • 1 kg Luganega sausage, 1 kg portion
  • 2 slices of Pan di Cacio, grilled cheese
  • 2 Prato Rosso craft beers of 33 cl each

Where to grill in Brescia and surrounding areas? Here are the best locations in Brescia

Brescia is a welcoming city capable of restoring the balance between water and land. The locations proposed for grilling in Brescia range from large natural spaces on the river bank to more inaccessible and equally panoramic ones in the middle of the lake. The choice is complex, the result is certainly a winning one!

Val D'Avio Temù picnic area in Alta Val Camonica

Here reigns the passion for Nordic walking, but also deep sleep on manicured, green and lush lawns. The Adamello park is the perfect location to get some exercise and enjoy the spaces in any season of the year. Why not? the Easter Monday barbecue could be the tastiest visit for summer getaways.

Where is it? Via Val D'Avio, 34-36, 25050, Temù, Province of Brescia. Proloco Temù .

Parco Airone picnic area Bedizzole Brescia Lake Garda

The slow-flowing river, thanks to its clear waters, becomes an essence of play for the little ones who, under the careful supervision of adults, can play with the water without running into excessive danger. A large space surrounded by greenery where centuries-old trees and small rest areas stand out to catch your breath and fill your stomach.

Where is it? Parco Airone route, 25081, Bedizzole, BS. Municipality of Bedizzole .

Giovetto Woods Nature Reserve

The forest is famous for a particular crowding. You need to pay maximum attention and look downwards. In fact, the reserve is the ideal and almost exclusive habitat of the Rufa ant, a particular species that creates colonies of up to 1 million individuals and nests up to 1 meter high. The most fun game is to travel along a stretch of road and count the number of nests, so as to give the little ones moments of lightness and carefree days. Breaks are perfect for laying out the lawn and lighting the casus grill.

Where to find it? 25042, Borno BS, province of Brescia. Bormio Tourism .

Monte Isola Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola

The uphill hike is the perfect prelude to reaching the summit, enjoying the view and admiring vast, boundless spaces while savoring tasty food. Just mentioning Monte Isola is enough to start thinking about legends and mysterious stories that revolve around exalted characters who have walked these fascinating paths. The historical level is really high, you need to equip yourself with suitable equipment and have a superlative barbecue while admiring the calm lake below.

Where is it? Monte Isola, 25050, BS. Lake Iseo .

Superior Oxymus

The three natural attractions nearby are: Bergamo Orobie Park, Lake Iseo and Lake Garda. For those who wake up late and are still on the road at lunchtime, it is necessary to propose a solution that announces the nature you are about to approach and allows you to enjoy a lunch with all the trimmings without too many pretensions.

Where is it? Via Santa Barbara, 2, 25050, Ossimo Superiore BS.

Easter recipes with the grill

The choice to spend the upcoming spring holidays away from home means having a barbecue with loved ones. Very little is needed, the essential thing is, in these specific cases, clearly visible to the eye. The barbecue dedicated to Easter recipes chooses to encounter authentic flavors of local cuts of meat and at the same time present themselves in a unique, particular and completely natural environment.