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Griglia into the wild

Bergamo for the Easter picnic and barbecue

Park and Easter Monday barbecue? And voilà!

The mixed grill is a must for any self-respecting Easter Monday! On the one hand the need to respect tradition and on the other the crazy desire to be outdoors, enjoy the crisp days and savor the first warm rays of the sun, how can we do it? Simple! We need to equip ourselves, find a suitable space and go and explore the nature that surrounds us. The idea of ​​Carne online Genuina chooses to offer a ready-to-use kit with which to enjoy typical Easter dishes in the open air.

Watch out for the environment: where to grill

When you choose to have a barbecue outdoors, it is important to pay attention to the place where you decide to cook the meat. You should avoid lighting the grill near dry plants or shrubs, as the fire could easily spread and cause a fire. Furthermore, it is important to check whether the chosen location is subject to barbecue restrictions or bans, especially in protected areas or during periods of severe drought.

Finally, it is always important to have water or a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency. With a little attention and prevention, you can enjoy an outdoor barbecue safely and without problems. If on the one hand you feel the need to fill up on vitamin D, on the other it is equally pleasant to be able to enjoy carefree moments with loved ones, choose a solution that brings your stomach and spirit together but always with an eye towards the environment.

Watch out for meat: the Easter Monday Box

The choice of meat is an element to consider at all times, the quality of the food we bring to the table - and on the grill - must represent a fixed point in one's daily life. Carne online Genuina offers products following the rules of tradition, offering healthy and genuine top quality meats. In our two proposals for the Easter Monday Box there are:

Classic Easter Monday grill box

  • 4 beef burgers, 150g each
  • 4 pork sausages, 175 g each
  • 4 pork skewers, 150 g each
  • 1 1 kg rack of whole pork ribs (about 10 ribs in total)
  • 1 kg Luganega sausage, 1 kg portion

Peasant Easter Monday barbecue box

  • 4 beef burgers, 150g each
  • 4 pork sausages, 175 g each
  • 4 pork skewers, 150 g each
  • 1 1 kg rack of whole pork ribs (about 10 ribs in total)
  • 1 kg Luganega sausage, 1 kg portion
  • 2 slices of Pan di Cacio, grilled cheese
  • 2 Prato Rosso craft beers of 33 cl each

Where to grill in Bergamo and its province? Bergamo docet

The Bergamo area offers multiple solutions for enjoying a unique and original Easter Monday in the open air. The parks, meadows, hills and mountains offer breathtaking views and at the same time the possibility of breathing clean air. The solutions range from lakes to groves, through rivers and flowering meadows. It is necessary to choose a space used as a picnic area to be able to deposit waste without defacing the landscape and at the same time live a day in full and complete respect for the environment that surrounds us.

Laghetto Sgagna, sport fishing, picnics and barbecues

The lake is known to the inhabitants of the area for several reasons. Here, in fact, sport fishing is practiced, there are spaces used for children's games, for letting your pets run around and for organizing a special Easter picnic. The large natural spaces meet the services necessary for families who, in this way, can relax in total safety.

Where is it? In Pontirolo Nuovo, Province of Bergamo, in Via Bergamo, 37, 24040, BG. Official site .

Brunone Valley picnic area Berbenno Bergamo

The iconic element that dominates the picnic area is the presence of large boulders that hide historical finds dating back to the Upper Triassic. Choosing this space means being able to fill up on nature and history in complete relaxation. Along the pedestrian path there are wooden benches perfect for catching your breath and filling your belly with a tasty meal.

Where is it? In Ponte Giurino, Province of Bergamo, Via A. Stoppani, 91, 24030, BG. Municipality of Berbenno .

Alpine Arboretum Gleno Scalve Valley picnic area

What better way to recognize the plants around you than by seeing them up close? The Gleno arboretum offers large spaces in which to stay in close contact with nature and be able to have an original and tasty Easter picnic. Furthermore, access to the botanical museum represents an added value that combines didactic education with the desire to live in close contact with nature. An Easter Monday dedicated to culture!

Where is it? In Vilminore di Scalve, Province of Bergamo, in Via per Oltrepovo, 24020, BG.

Picnic Area Roncobello Capovalle - Bergamo - Lombardy

Here, the elements of nature find their perfect balance and mix, creating a surreal atmosphere bordering on the imaginative: the sun's rays meet the river which flows forcefully between the rocks and chooses to caress the soft and fragile blades of grass that grow undisturbed. It sounds like poetry, but here it is reality. Choosing the picnic area means completely immersing yourself in nature and fully admiring the slow fluctuation of the world around us. The Easter Monday lunch and the casus grill acquire a profound and romantic allure.

Where is it? In Roncobello, Province of Bergamo, in Via Capovalle, 47, 24010, BG. Roncobello Tourism .

Capralba Fontanili Park

A suggestion a little wilder than the others: picnic and barbecue in the wild, in one of the many meadows hidden among the crops of the Capralba Fontanili Park. The Fontanili are springs of cold, pure water that are very widespread in the Crema plain. “Secret” oases of notable interest for their clear waters and lush vegetation, made famous by the Oscar-winning film “Call Me by Your Name”. The most visited one is called Fontanile Quarantina, in the Farinate area, in Capralba and this can be an excellent starting point for exploring at least 8 others, in a beautiful circular tour of over 10 km. Fundamental rules: enjoy the tranquility and leave the place cleaner than you found it! Check the municipal regulations for the possibility of having a barbecue.

Where? Directions towards Parco dei Fontanili di Capralba. Proloco Capralba .

The perfect picnic with Easter recipes

The desire to be outdoors is the perfect excuse to create a fun and natural Easter lunch. To realize the idea you need to choose one of the proposals to create a picnic to remember. Carne online Genuina has thought of everything: from the location to the essentials, you just need to prepare tools and cutlery and pack your bag! When “nature is coming” the grill is the call!