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Bovì Carne Genuina Mission

Healthy and genuine products

Bovi Mission

Our culture moves hand in hand with food: customs, customs, festivals, specialties, risky combinations. Italy has always been synonymous with good food.

Our mission is to offer healthy and genuine products and to reevaluate the work and role of farmers. To reach the customer we choose online sales because it is direct, immediate and convenient: Bovì is a meat e-commerce , your butcher shop click and go! The products offered are carefully selected and come from the best companies in the area. We choose to rely on the meticulous attention of the craftsman and the need to do things well.

The attention we pay to food processing is the result of the desire to create something that will end up on the table of a family, like ours. This is why we only select family-run companies where, from generation to generation, those little secrets capable of making a difference are passed down. Traceability is a key word for us as total transparency of the production chain is a fundamental requirement for us capable of guaranteeing maximum quality.

The desire to create something new that gave value to the role of the breeder led me to develop this project and offer customers one of the first online portals in Italy, intended for purchasing meat directly from the producer. The idea was born in 2012 when I was working as a production planner in a large food company. My work has allowed me to explore the power relations that still unbalance the food industry today by favoring large-scale organized distribution (GDO) which, with the so-called private brands (MDD and private labels) covers 18% of the Italian food market . The consequences of this trend, focused on mass production, are:

  • Reduction of the bargaining power of producers and breeders: those who play a fundamental role in offering a high quality product
  • Environmental pollution, given by a frantic interest in packaging which often re-proposes the same product with different packaging
  • Loss of substantial quantities of product due to logistical organization problems of large distributors

The need to focus the end consumer's interest on the product and not on everything around it inspired me to find an alternative. Today, the solution is called Bovì Carne Genuina.

Online sales were initially limited to the Bovì Box (package of assorted beef), produced exclusively with young calves born and raised on the family farm that my brothers Simone and Cristoforo manage with the help of my father Carlo. Over time, we have managed to grow and expand the offer which today boasts the presence of cured meats, poultry and special cuts. In any case, Bovì has total control of the supply chain, both for the products of the family farm and for the products from other companies.

Today, Bovì is among the first Italian sites to put farmers and end consumers in direct contact. If the offer is enriched, the desire to remain anchored to our origins remains firmly in our minds. All the products offered come from selected farms and in line with our values!

Even the press talked about us: read the article in Corriere della Sera .

Just one click! From the farmer to your table!

Mattia Assanelli