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The Bovì companies

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The Bovì family

The choice to follow the philosophy of genuine meat from the farmer to the table expands towards other agricultural companies which, like us, have as their mission the desire to offer healthy products far from industrial processing.

Our boxes are made up of different portions of beef and more. The possibility of creating delicious dishes with uncommon cuts of meat is a unique opportunity that our Bovì Boxes choose to offer.

The beef section offers both box and single cuts, suitable for every need. The pork meat is made up of typical and artisanal sausages, while the white meat section offers slow-growing free-range chickens.

Alongside meats and sausages, we offer other foods suitable for completing the dish: oil for condiments or to add a touch of flavor to a delicate but poor-tasting dish, craft beer capable of adding or softening the strong or delicate flavour. of your favorite cut of meat.

Where do the products in our shop come from?


Our company, Società Agricola F.lli Assanelli based in Treviglio (BG) breeds, slaughters, packages and ships all the cattle from the Bovì Box.

This is where our beef comes from. The company covers an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares , cultivated with grain corn, waxy corn, soft wheat, alfalfa, ryegrass and polyphyte meadows.

These crops guarantee short supply chains for all 120 animals on the farm. Of which 60 dairy cows , around twenty replacement heifers , around twenty fattening bulls and around thirty calves , all of the Friesian breed and born on the farm. The high level of quality is guaranteed by a perfect mix given by respect for traditions, the need to follow the rhythms of nature and the experience that our master butcher collaborators bring to the field.

This is why we are able to offer cuts of meat, sometimes particular ones, which, added to the recipes proposed , promise highly effective alternative solutions.

Family management is our strong point which allows us to adopt traditions and pass them down. Likewise, we place emphasis on animal welfare and pay particular attention to nutrition, which must be natural and respect traditional standards in line with company thinking.

In the boxes we choose to propose different cuts capable of arousing curiosity and stimulating the imagination. Preparing innovative dishes with refined and uncommon cuts will be a challenge that can be easily won with our recipes! The 10 kg Bovì Boxes allow a supply for the whole family, as does the 5 kg Bovì Box: both have different cuts of meat and the consequent uses.

Photo of genuine Italian beef steak

Porterhouse and T-Bone are products proposed by Bovì that revive an American flavour . What we call Fiorentina represents for Americans one of the two cuts of meat offered.

The differences are not only expressed in terms of flavor but above all concern aesthetics. If on the one hand there is the famous American T-bone steak with large dimensions and a thick fillet, on the other there is the better known rib-eye steak which offers the total absence of fillet.

To please the whole family and prepare delicious dishes, you can choose between two Bovì products: fillet and roast which allow you to create grilled meat for one and perfect braised meat for the other. In short, based on needs there is always a solution: it's called Bovì - genuine meat!

The care we dedicate to breeding and cuts of meat is also evident in the choice of our collaborators who range from master butchers to other agricultural companies who, like us, offer a closed production cycle and a short supply chain .

For this reason we choose to rely on the Eliseo Facchinetti Agricultural Company which, in line with our breeding vision, offers particular and refined cuts. Among these are: Porterhouse, T-Bone, Roast and Tenderloin.

Pork , sausages and cured meats

Salami is one of the many traditions of the agricultural world of Bergamo. Each farmer used to slaughter one pig a year to make artisanal salami, salami and sausages.

A land born of peasant traditions, Bergamo and its province boasts the presence of numerous companies operating in the pig sector.

The farmhouses in the area have an important cinematic value thanks to the film "The Tree of Clogs" by Ermanno Olmi which was filmed in this characteristic part of the Po Valley. The peasant tradition here is very deep-rooted and represents a source of pride for the area precisely because it allows us to maintain a strong bond with our land and the opportunities it offers us.

The possibility of defining your own healthy and genuine product is defined by the nutrition that the pigs receive: the animals are fed with short supply chain raw materials coming from the company's crops which allow the adoption of the technique defined as " closed cycle ".

The resulting products are different but share a single characteristic which is the preference for natural foods of certain origin .

In fact, the processing of the meat is entrusted to master butchers who operate in the sector, bringing with them such experience as to guarantee an excellent product.

We at Bovì take care of playing a supervisory role to guarantee the genuineness of the products we offer in our e-commerce .

Luganega , salami , cotechino and local salami are our proposals.

Photo of the luganega pork sausage product from our online shop

These foods can contribute to the creation of some dishes rather than representing the main ingredient for an aperitif or a perfect snack...bread and salami!

Agricultural beer

Cascina Gaita in Settala is an agricultural micro brewery that offers different qualities of beers united by the passion of the producers.

The attention and accuracy that the master brewers put into the creation of the product is the common thread of our company vision.

Another plus point is characterized by the short supply chain and the interest in using raw materials of exclusive company origin . There are many proposals to offer a wide range of products that satisfy the needs of every palate. If it is true that full-bodied drinks are needed for certain dishes, it is equally true that delicate drinks are needed for demanding dishes.

The added value of the Cascina Gaita Brewery is the attention paid to the perfect blend of raw materials which is highly appreciated by beer connoisseurs. The processes are completely artisanal and take inspiration from the peasant traditions that the area preserves.

Blonde , White , Red or Dark are the four proposals that help complete a perfect meal. Each with its peculiarities and characteristics manages to amplify or dampen the flavor of the foods it accompanies.

Extra virgin olive oil

Italy is a country full of oil mills that choose ancient processes without any type of technological incursions. Among these is the Azienda Agricola Beatrice which from the prosperous and lush hills of Irpina obtains and produces an olive oil capable of surprising all palates.

The need to respond to different market demands adapts to the need to keep intact the link with peasant traditions and with the gestures made by man during the processing of this particular product. Respect for the rhythms of nature and the need to rest the processed seeds manage to increase the final value of the product.

The oil mill's activity develops through mechanical processes that are activated immediately after harvesting the olives. The pressing takes place cold to guarantee a low acidity product with good organoleptic properties enhanced by the excellent olives that the area offers.

Extra virgin olive oil in a can or in a bottle ? The preference is dictated by the ease of use and the quantity needed. Both products are obtained from the Ogliarola olive which grows undisturbed in the province of Avellino and is processed here.