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Genuine meat

Invest in Genuine Meat

Business idea

Carne Genuina is an innovative startup that allows you to purchase zero-impact meat directly from a network of selected farmers and receive it at home throughout Italy, by refrigerated courier.

Its main operations are packaging , paying close attention to the environment , and logistics up to shipping , direct to the consumer's table .

The customer who is about to purchase food online is looking for a selected product and a premium experience. The case of online meat is no exception. The company's competitive advantage is giving the customer the opportunity to find a product " directly from the farmer ", adding value and transforming the purchase into a memorable experience .

The startup has partnered exclusively with family-run companies and expert butchers in the sector, to ensure superior quality of meat and more.

Authenticity, transparency and customer focus are the drivers of the brand's philosophy.

Market scenario

The startup is part of a thriving and continually expanding market: the online meat market is currently estimated at 300 million euros .

Market scenario

According to the 2020 Politecnico di Milano and Netcomm Report , the online Food & Grocery market has grown on average by 40% per year in the last 4 years; furthermore, it is the sector that is growing at the fastest rate (+39%), reaching almost 1.6 billion euros in 2019 .

The most significant component (equal to 89% of the sector) is food , which can be divided into:

  • Grocery Food (supermarket products) eCommerce value of €476 million
  • Food and wine (niche products) with €383 million
  • Food Delivery (ready meals) with €556 million

In Italy, the current online penetration in the grocery market is 1.3%, but there are studies that predict this will increase to 5% by 2023.

B2C food and grocery e-commerce demand

In this scenario of profound transformations, the ways of shopping are changing: the most used are Click&Collect in store, drive-in or simpler solutions such as subscription and the availability of a pre-set shopping list.

Carne Genuina goes beyond the delivery of products and offers the Meal-kit service, which allows you to receive a box with all the ingredients needed to make a dinner at home, adding a strong experiential element.

Objectives achieved

Objectives achieved

Why invest

Below are the main strategic assets of the startup:

  • market: strong growing niche ;
  • trend: ever-increasing demand for quality in food and beverage ;
  • supply chain: total control of the main activities from packaging to distribution;
  • sustainability: zero impact meat in Italy;
  • catalogue: large, constantly evolving catalogue , with a focus on meat, but open to other niche products and producers;
  • customer care: customer follow-up , pre and post purchase, 24 hours a day;
  • logistics: direct delivery to the main provinces of Lombardy and refrigerated shipments throughout Italy ;
  • contents: editorial strategy which involves the continuous creation of contents for Digital Marketing;
  • user base: continuously growing , + 600 regular customers;
  • business model: high level of flexibility and scalability ;
  • brand reputation: high, thanks to the quality of the products and service .

Rating and online reputation

Use of the capital raised

Use of funds

Road map

Profit / exit strategy

The company estimates that it will be able to execute a strategic exit in 2025. To achieve this success, the objectives set along the way are a positive EBITDA and a turnover of €5 million.

Below are the tax incentives and rewards reserved for investors:

Rewards for investors

Expression of interest

Are you interested in becoming a member of Carne Genuina? Fill out the following form to express a non-binding expression of interest and obtain priority on the investment. A few days before the public launch of the campaign, we will send you a link where you can make the purchase official. If necessary, our team will take care of accompanying you step by step in making the investment.