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Savory strudel with Ragù Bovì

Where does ragù come from?

It's impossible not to know it or have tasted it at least once in your life. Meat ragù is that thing that all housewives keep in the freezer, which they prepare from time to time and whoever - by mistake or not - passes by the kitchen, chooses to make the "shoe". Its history is truly curious and, although it is permanently a typical dish of the Bel Paese, its origins are French.

“Ragout” is the term of origin of the best-known meat sauce, its meaning is linked to meat and vegetable stews cooked over low heat for a long time. The French medieval period between the 12th and 14th centuries saw the appearance of the dish which consisted of stewing pieces of beef combined with spices over a low heat and in broth.

The Bourbon court ensured that the preparation first reached the borders and then the rapid expansion into the Italian territories. 1773 sees the first written sign of a similar dish, where the tomato still does not appear, thanks to Vincenzo Corrado nor "Il cuoco galante" where he describes a similar dish with veal, sweetbreads, prawns or eggs. Then comes Italian inspiration and from there, it is a crescendo of new ideas, recipes and traditions.

The recipe for strudel with ragù

Easy to make, curious to bring to the table, extravagant just enough. The ragù is the main ingredient but we can have fun and add ingredients as we like to really give a personal touch. If we then decide to change the original shape of the strudel, we can use a round pan and create a similar savory meat pie.

Basic ingredients, for a superlative result!

  • 230 g of puff pastry
  • 200 g of smoked provola or taleggio DOP
  • 1 jar of Ragù Bovì
  • 1 egg
  • nutmeg, salt and extra virgin olive oil to taste

Strudel or ragù cake procedure

The first step is to heat the Bovì ragù in a saucepan, so as to revive the flavour.

Roll out the puff pastry on baking paper, fill it with the Bovì ragù and the provola or taleggio cheese (or a mix) cut into coarse cubes.

Roll up the preparation, taking care to carefully seal the edges. Or we create the typical round shape of a pie filled with meat.

Brush the surface with a beaten egg and bake at 180°C for 30 minutes. The dish is ready and delicious!

Easy, maybe very easy

The proposed savory strudel recipe aims to enhance the flavors of tradition by combining two apparently opposite ingredients. On the one hand the Ragù Bovì which traditionally goes perfectly with pasta, on the other the strudel which includes apples and jam, rarely savory flavours.

Yet it is possible, and if your imagination allows it, you must dare just enough to amaze everyone, guests and diners. The idea of ​​combining two very opposite preparations was born from the desire to combine a salty and poor flavor with another rich in nuances thanks to the spices and the traditional workmanship of those who produce it.

Ragù Bovì ready to use: the ally in the kitchen

More and more often we find ourselves rushing between one commitment and another and the desire to get into the kitchen to replicate the typical aromas and tastes of grandmother's cooking is zero. Carne online Genuina chooses to solve the time problem and prepare the dish on our behalf, so as to offer something excellent with minimal effort. The Bovì ragù which you can conveniently purchase ready-made online is the first in a series of preparations that were created thanks to grandmother's recipes, and allows you to put something well-known, well-known and with a romantic charm on your plate.

Attention to tradition, breeding methods, care and growth of animals is, for Carne Genuina, a constant and daily commitment. The family-run company has fully embraced the concept of a short supply chain and thanks to its products we can put authentic flavors on our tables ranging from beef to cold cuts and cheese platters, through to selected craft beers and prestigious wines . Is the ragù ready? For now it's just the latest arrival!