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Caesar Salad Recipe: Chicken Salad!

Discovering the Caesar Salad: origins, variations and recipe

The Caesar Salad is one of the most iconic and popular salads in the world.

Its history has its roots in the past and has crossed continents, winning the hearts of many lovers of fresh and tasty food.

In this article, we will explore the origins of this delicacy, the different variations that have developed over the years and we will share with you a quick recipe for enjoying a Caesar Salad that will win you over.

Origins and diffusion of the Caesar Salad

Who invented Caesar Salad? Although the parental authority of the dish, the Caesar Salad, was still in dispute, it was born in Mexico around the early 1920s. It is a creation attributed to the Italian-American chef Cesare Cardini.

It is said that in 1924, during a period of great influx of tourists in Tijuana, Mexico, Cardini found himself having to prepare a meal with the ingredients left in the kitchen of his restaurant. Thus was born the Caesar Salad, a rich and tasty salad that won over diners with its mix of flavors and textures.

From that moment, the Caesar Salad began to spread, first in restaurants in the United States and then in the rest of the world. Its growing popularity led to numerous variations and reinterpretations, so that today it is possible to find traditional and creative versions of this salad all over the globe.

Variations of the Caesar Salad

The traditional Caesar Salad includes ingredients such as romaine lettuce, toasted croutons, grated parmesan, hard-boiled eggs and the signature Caesar dressing made of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt and black pepper.

However, over the years, this recipe has undergone numerous modifications and adaptations based on regional tastes and preferences.

One of the most common variations is the addition of beacons or grilled or cooked chicken. Chicken adds a protein boost to the salad, making it a complete and satisfying meal.

Some variations also include the use of shrimp, salmon or other types of meat. Additionally, your choice of greens can vary, ranging from romaine lettuce to iceberg lettuce or other varieties of leafy greens.

Organic and certified chicken meat: a tasty and sustainable addition

If you are passionate about healthy and sustainable cuisine, organic chicken meat is the ideal choice to enrich your Caesar Salad.

In our online butcher's shop, you can find a selection of chicken meat from organic farms, where the animals are fed naturally and grow in environments that respect their well-being.

Opting for organic chicken meat not only allows you to enjoy an authentic and natural flavour, but also helps support responsible and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Every bite of organic chicken meat represents a commitment towards a more conscious and ethical consumption philosophy.

Quick Caesar Salad recipe with organic chicken

Preparing a Caesar Salad with organic chicken is a delicious way to enjoy freshness and flavor in every forkful. Here is a quick recipe to enjoy this delicacy at home:

Caesar salad ingredients

  • 2 sliced ​​organic chicken breasts or chicken breast
  • Romaine lettuce or other lettuce variety
  • Toasted bread croutons
  • Parmigiano Reggiano flakes
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Ingredients for Caesar Dressing (mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt and black pepper)
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste

Quick Caesar salad recipe procedure

Whether you use whole or pre-sliced ​​chicken breasts, grill or cook organic chicken breasts until well done. Cut them into thin slices or strips.

Wash and cut the lettuce into pieces.

Let's prepare the caesar sauce with the original recipe. Prepare the ingredients for the Caesar dressing by mixing mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, minced garlic, salt and black pepper.

Arrange the lettuce on a serving plate and arrange the chicken slices on top.

Add toasted bread croutons and hard-boiled eggs cut in half.

Sprinkle generously with Caesar sauce and complete with flaked Parmesan cheese. Season with salt and pepper to your taste and enjoy.

Caesar Salad Recipe with Chicken

The Caesar Salad is a timeless classic that lends itself to infinite variations and reinterpretations. Adding organic chicken to this salad not only enhances its taste, but also reflects a commitment to responsible and conscious cooking.

Preparing a Caesar Salad with organic chicken will make you appreciate every single ingredient, knowing that you are part of a movement for sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Enjoy your meal!