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Thyme sirloin steak with olives

The recipe for sliced ​​sirloin with thyme and olives

The recipe we propose today is truly an evergreen: sliced ​​beef! We often like to order this dish at restaurants to be sure of eating an excellent, quality dish. A few ingredients, a few minutes and you're done. But what to do if we want to bring this (often expensive) dish back to our table? Of course, the cut of meat for the cut is among the most expensive we can find in the kitchen, but with a few precautions (and choosing the right online butcher) we can also treat ourselves to an important dinner at home to have the joy of cooking with excellent ingredients and certainly less expensive than the restaurant.

Sliced ​​meat - as we know - is delicious even if eaten plain, but by adding a Mediterranean touch the dish will really please everyone, so here is a very tasty recipe for you without taking anything away from the original one: sliced ​​meat with olives and aromatic herbs.

The perfect cut of meat for carving

Bringing a good cut of beef to the table is easy, if you know how to choose the right ingredients. The perfect cut of meat for the cut is the one that your trusted butcher recommends, perfect if it is fresh Italian meat but excellent if it is 100% Italian meat that comes from certified, 0 km farms.

The most used cuts for sliced ​​beef are mainly 2: the very tender fillet chosen (even better if an organic fillet of meat) and the beef sirloin.

The sirloin, aka roast beef or Fiorentina without the beef bone, is a cut of meat that comes from the muscle bands adjacent to the fillet (hence the name). Beef sirloin is a very tender and tasty cut of meat, suitable for dishes that require very quick cooking, rare and with little processing. Ideal if cooked on the griddle or on the grill, in the kitchen it is often used for the preparation of the cut, a quick cooking to obtain a pink heart and a golden crust on the outside, served cut into slices and accompanied with vegetable or a roast beef, roasted and golden on the outside, colorful and pink on the inside.

In short, now all we have to do is cook our sliced ​​beef. The only precaution: this recipe requires the meat to be cooked rare or - at most - medium, to truly enjoy every nuance of aroma that a 100% Italian cut of meat can give. Obviously, you can also cook it later but be careful when cooking so as not to create the chewing gum effect.

Ingredients sliced ​​beef

  • 500 g of beef sirloin, whole piece or in 1 cm slices
  • 100 g of mixed olives (green and Taggiasca)
  • 3 anchovy fillets in oil
  • 1 organic lime
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 sprig of thyme
  • EVO oil to taste
  • black pepper to taste
  • Flavored flaked salt or Maldon salt to taste

Preparation of beef sirloin with olives

First, let's marinate our meat for at least one night in a mixture of olive oil and thyme leaves. If the cut of meat is particularly high or whole, we make small lateral incisions. In this way, we will avoid shrinking the meat too much in case of longer cooking.

When it's time to cook our dish, let's prepare the tasty olive base. For the mince, we take and pit the olives we have chosen, chop very finely and add the anchovies well drained from the oil. We continue mixing and add the chopped parsley, the organic lime zest, a few drops of lime juice and EVO oil.

Let's now move on to cooking the sirloin. If we have the whole piece, we sew the meat on a very hot plate for about 1 minute per side for rare cooking (never lower the heat), for less rare cooking we can keep the meat for about 1 minute and a half always per side. We can increase the cooking slightly but without ever forgetting to turn it.

Tips : do not cut or pierce the meat to check the cooking and do not add salt.

Once cooked, place the cut on a baking tray and let it rest for a few minutes (maximum 5) off the heat. Now cut the meat into slices with a non-serrated knife, to avoid tearing the slice, with a thickness of about 4 cm. We place each slice on the chopped olives, sprinkle with flavored salt, garnish with thyme leaves and accompany with a fresh seasonal salad.