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Made in Italy

Pizzaiola meat: Italian flavour

Meat marinara or pizzaiola: Italian essence

One of the simplest Italian recipes that exist with very few super genuine ingredients: meat, tomato, garlic and oregano. In addition to being the perfect base for the simplest pizza that every pizzeria offers, it is the perfect mix to create a super genuine and light meat dish: pizzaiola meat.

There are very few precautions to prepare this quick and dinner-saving dish; a good Italian beef, already sliced ​​or to be pounded, a good tomato sauce and some fresh or just picked basil. If you want to propose a tastier version, you can add capers, olives and onion to the sauce, if you want to add an extra touch of Italianness, the mozzarella added at the end of cooking will give you a dip in the beautiful country.

For this recipe we propose slices of rump, the largest cut from the rear part of the beef, classified among the first category lean cuts and is famous for having few calories and little fat. It is also called French rump, hip tip or scallo. However, you can also use sliced ​​rump and, for an even lighter recipe, you can use diced chicken breast with a side of potatoes.

Beef pizzaiola recipe

Beef marinara ingredients

  • 500 g of rump slices
  • 300 g of tomato puree
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • dried oregano to taste
  • fresh basil to taste

Pizzaiola meat method

The speed of this recipe will surprise you along with its amazing taste. Also remember the other variations with different meat or with the addition of other ingredients such as capers and olives.

First, let's start with the sauce. Heat the extra virgin olive oil and the crushed (or poached) garlic in a pan. As soon as it has heated up, add the tomato and a couple of spoons of water; let it flavor for about 10 minutes over medium heat.

Let's now take the meat, if it is already beaten skip this step, if it is thick beat it lightly with the meat mallet. The sauce will be ready, cut the garlic, add the oregano, salt, pepper and a couple of basil leaves.

We put the slices of beef in the sauce (if you want you can also flour them) and cook slowly for about 3 minutes. If you have chosen the version with mozzarella, cut a few slices and place them on the meat as soon as you have turned off the sauce, let it rest for a minute with the lid on and that's it. Quick and effective, serve with a gentle dose of sauce and a few fresh basil leaves as a garnish.