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5 quick recipes with minced meat

Recipes with raw minced meat: perfect handbook

The pan-fried minced meat represents a perfect second course to ensure an empty plate among all the guests, however the dish hides - quite a few - qualities even in the raw version.

So fashionable and perhaps a little overused, the crudité topic associated with cooking transforms a recipe into sublime thanks to the very small quantity of extremely carefully chosen ingredients.

In fact, to make the most of it, the raw minced meat must be first choice, and be combined with as many ingredients of the same category. The super ready solution is to choose the protagonist and pair it with organic lemon juice, black peppercorns or fresh ginger.

The indispensable attention

There are many possibilities and it must meet certain requirements:

  • Purchase from a trusted retailer who follows the directives to the letter in full compliance with current legislation
  • Keep the meat at a constant temperature, in the case of cutting with a knife the ideal is 15°C
  • Find out about the breed of cattle so as to choose the best solution for the dish you are preparing.

Fantasy and combinations are the next step!

Minced meat recipes: minced meat and mushroom pasta

Recipes with minced meat offer many possibilities, to meet the seasonal requirement, the combination with mushrooms and polenta transforms everything into the perfect trifecta. The recipes with minced meat and mushrooms unfold in different directions and take on aromas and flavors based on the type of mushroom: porcini, honey mushroom and white mushroom?

The recipes therefore take on different aromas depending on the harvest, a direct consequence of an autumn outing, or thanks to the greengrocer who offers the best of the moment. The idea of ​​creating a white ragu with mushrooms and creating a tasty and colorful single dish becomes the direct consequence.

Some prefer rice, others long homemade egg pasta, still others short pasta - perhaps fusilli or strictly rigate mezze penne. In short, the carbohydrate ingredient has its own reason, but in general it presents itself as an excellent, perfect, ideal and tasty added value.

Minced meat in a pan: the idea with the egg

There is an element that is often, very often, added to recipes, minced meat cooked in a pan. He is His Majesty the egg which by the way, a valid topic of discussion for such a simple dish is: which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is the egg, but we will go into more detail elsewhere.

To add that sparkling touch you can choose to combine the minced beef with a little pork, so as to enrich the dish.

As regards the egg, you can choose different solutions:

  • Fried egg with black pepper
  • Scrambled egg combined with meat, cheese and other vegetables

However, the recipe appears easy and, once again, given the very short list of ingredients, it is necessary to choose top quality products, so as to offer the best and savor the authentic taste of a particular cut of meat.

Both versions lend themselves to quick cooking and quick minced meat recipes without too many frills and attention.

Minced meat balls

The recipe with minced meat that most of all transforms simple pupils into romantic hearts is the meatball version. To make it, you need to enrich the meat with genuine cold cuts such as mortadella and cooked ham and, if you really want to overdo it, add diced mozzarella or a PDO stringy cheese.

The starting point of the quality of the meat must also be a cornerstone for this recipe which expresses its maximum potential when it is rich in flavour.

Parsley, salt and pepper bring the right balance of flavor and allow any side dish to create the perfect frame.

For a tasty lunch you can think of mashed potatoes, or cooked in the oven combined with diced courgettes and carrots. Minced meatballs are a perfect and ideal dish to bring children to the table and cook together so as to allow them, from an early age, to add genuine details to their imagination.

Minced meat recipes: let your imagination run wild!

Minced meat is a versatile solution suitable for everyone, the different combinations with other foods transform it in no time into a perfect single dish, or the perfect base for a sauce with an autumnal scent.

Minced meat is therefore a cut of meat or rather, a type of preparation that wears the same guise as parsley: it goes well with everything. On purpose! Parsley is essential in minced meatballs!

Minced meat and its recipes offer many possibilities and become the ideal starting point for expert cooks destined to be elected the queens of the house. The cuts of meat that come into play in the preparation must be selected perfectly in order to make the dish an authentic experience of pleasant taste. If we use organic meat, bingo is guaranteed!

The additions, side dishes and combinations allow you to enhance the flavor without distorting it, therefore balance and that pinch of creativity are needed.