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Festa di Treviglio 2024: tradizione, religione e divertimento

Treviglio Festival 2024: tradition, religion and fun

Discovering the Treviglio festival

The heart of Treviglio is preparing for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the Madonna delle Lacrime Fair, scheduled from 29 February to 03 March 2024.

This celebration, which combines religious devotion and popular celebration, sees the participation of over 160 exhibitors, creating a lively and lively market.

Between guided tours and entertainment for adults and children, the Treviglio festival offers an engaging experience for the whole community.

Ready for the inevitable porchetta or salamella sandwich?

The stalls: the beating heart of the festival

The heart of the festival is the traditional fair of the Madonna delle Lacrime, scheduled for 29 February and 3 March.

The streets of Treviglio, from Piazza Setti to via De Gasperi, from via Matteotti to viale Oriano and Piazza Garibaldi, come alive with over 160 stalls.

A real journey through colours, sounds and scents, where local craftsmanship, typical products and art objects mix to create a unique atmosphere.

At the same time, at the former Foro Boario there will be the traditional Luna Park until March 13th.

The religious and civic program of the Treviglio festival

In addition to the fervor of the fair, the festival opens up to moments of profound devotion and civic recognition.

The morning of February 29th will be characterized by the Holy Mass of the Miracle in the Sanctuary at 08.00, followed by a civic ceremony at the Teatro Nuovo Treviglio at 10.15.

The presentation of the San Martino d'Oro civic merits and the Madonna delle Lacrime awards will take place here, together with the Commemorative Medals of the Miracle.

A moment of reflection and celebration that unites the community in a deep bond.

Parking in Treviglio convenient for the party

For the Trevigliesi it is necessary to move on foot, but if you really have to move on foot, for those who visit the festival, the choice of parking is strategic.

Via Rossini, Cemetery parking in Via Gerola, Via Torta, and Piazza Setti offer convenient and easily accessible options.

The Via Rossini car park, in particular, becomes an ideal starting point for immersing yourself in the magic of the festival.

  • Parking Via Gioacchino Rossini, Treviglio
  • Cemetery parking - Via Gerola, 17, Treviglio
  • Swimming pool in Via Abate Crippa, Treviglio
  • Facchetti altarpiece in Via del Bosco, Treviglio
  • Parking Via Torta, Treviglio
  • Station car parks - Via Roggia Vailata or in via Murena, Treviglio (with pedestrian underpass to the centre)
  • North Station in via Vittorio Veneto, Treviglio
  • Piazza Setti car park - Piazza Giuseppe Setti, Treviglio - underground payment

It is also advisable to pay attention to the closure of the streets surrounding the Fair, in particular the internal ring road, west side, and the avenue that leads to the central station.

An experience to live in Treviglio

The Madonna delle Lacrime Fair in Treviglio is more than just an event; it is a celebration that embraces tradition, faith and a sense of community.

Whether you attend to explore the colorful stalls, take part in religious moments, or simply savor the local flavours, this festival offers something for everyone.

Join the joy and liveliness of Treviglio in an event that promises to be unforgettable.