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Limousine meat: what, how, when

From France with fervor!

Cuts of Italian beef often meet with beef breeds from Europe and it is above all in these circumstances that unique products with a sublime flavor and unmistakable aroma are created. The limousine breed is an obvious and rather well-known example. France, more precisely the Limousin region located in the south-west, offers the perfect alchemy between various elements: the Limousine cattle breed was born here.

The prominent elements of the bovine breed are many and range from purely aesthetic characteristics to more specific ones linked to the different cuts of meat. What makes the Limousine breed so famous and renowned is above all its resistance since, native to France, it is bred in over 70 countries without losing its basic qualities and keeping the excellent nutritious condition of the different cuts of meat intact.

The characteristics of the Limousine cattle breed

The Limousine breed can be recognized by the color of the coat and the imposing height of the animal: reddish and 145 cm for an average weight of 1100 kg for the bull and 650 kg for the cow. The size allows the production of a good quantity of meat which, combined with the genetic characteristics, translates into cuts rich in good nutritional values ​​such as fiber and excellent cooking properties. The bovine breed is used exclusively for meat production as it does not have optimal characteristics for the milk which is sufficient for the calf's needs.

The Limousine breed and uses

The prestige of the Limousine cattle breed is due to the selection that took place over the last 150 years which chose to move away from mere work in the field and preferred to use the meat for food consumption. Although the development of muscle mass is essential to increase quality and marbling, it is equally important to calibrate the composition as best as possible so as to obtain a perfect cut in terms of taste without compromising, in any way, the animal's well-being.

The ease of breeding the breed has allowed a rapid and wide expansion which to date has reached over 50 countries, in Italy alone the breed is prevalent in almost 1700 farms. The ANACLI association - specialized in two breeds of Italian cows derived from the French Limousine - Charolaise and Italian Limousine - chooses to enhance the breed and underline the quality of the cuts obtained.

Italian organic meat

The combination of organic meat and selected breed allows the cut to be perfect for cooking on the barbecue and on the grill: resistant and full-bodied, it transforms into succulent and tasty at the end of cooking. The breed can be elected as the best Italian beef and thanks to the wide choice of online butchers it can be purchased in e-commerce by choosing the precise and particular cut.

3 cuts allow the characteristics of this breed to show the best of themselves: limousine rib eye, fillet and sirloin. The heart of fresh Italian meat revolves around culinary art and the possibility of adding selected ingredients allows you to further enhance the authentic taste of Italian organic meat.

Europe and the world

French cuisine also appreciates the use of other cuts such as under shoulder and capocollo, but it is overseas that they manage to obtain exciting results for tourists and residents. In fact, in America, they obtain Flank Steak from the Limousine breed which, by cooking on the BBQ, results in a sublime flavour, intense aroma and unique taste. Finally, the versatility of the meat is demonstrated in its use as a roast or roast beef, given its leanness and tenderness. The best thing is to prefer recipes that require limited cooking and require little processing and temperature changes.

Genuine meat

The choice of meat is an essential element for creating delicious and nutritionally complete recipes. If on the one hand you can dare with particular breeds bred in native environments with specific characteristics, on the other hand you need to pay attention to the type of breeding. In other words, it is necessary to choose companies that have the animal's well-being and attention to the final product as their main pillar, thus moving from the preference of the times of nature over chemical preparations and artifacts that artificially reinforce the structure of the bovine breed.

The possibility of contacting an online butcher's shop allows you to delve deeper into the structure of the company and at the same time find particular and curious proposals such as unusual cuts of meat: the Picanha is one of the examples offered by genuine meat. Know, to choose the best.