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Grilled meat Bergamo ? Here are 5 places!

Trattorias Bergamo, that something extra

Many people (re)know Bergamo cuisine for the casoncelli or the scarpinocc, only the most daring and curious choose to go further and discover truly fantastic flavors and tastes that struggle to displace the traditional must-haves. Carne online Genuina chooses to offer 5 solutions where you can enjoy grilled meat cooked by expert hands capable of enhancing the typical flavor of the succulent cut.

Each venue chooses to add an authentic and personalized touch to allow its customers to live the experience in complete relaxation and enjoying something unique: from the fine cut to the particular breed of cattle. The restaurants in Bergamo and its province amaze in terms of style and excellence, you need to choose and even first know the different possibilities!

Bergamo meat restaurants: the low fare that conquers

The first proposal is a place in the lower Bergamo area that chooses to offer its customers particular cuts of meat and selected beef breeds: the Braseria is a certainty! The entrepreneurial project is developed in different solutions suitable for all budgets:

  • Osio below for the full and complete experience where the dry-aged meat is also prepared and preserved
  • Dalmine to enjoy spectacular burgers in perfect American style
  • The summer exterior of Osio Sotto where you can enjoy excellent street food

The pride of the Braseria remains the careful choice of cuts of meat to offer to customers which, in addition to being extremely refined, respond to specific types of beef. In short, when looking for grilled meat in Bergamo, the Braseria means an easy win!

Where? La Braseria, Via Risorgimento, 17, 24046 Osio Sotto BG.

Bergamo meat restaurant: beyond history at the gates

Another destination worth mentioning is the Falconi restaurant which, located on the outskirts of the city of the Thousand, chooses to be a tasty point of reference for lovers of grilled meat. The added value of the place revolves around eating well and drinking... the same. In fact, the restaurant's cellar is full of refined labels that allow the fine cut of meat to take on that something extra. Different combinations to satisfy all palates, this is how Trattoria Falconi chooses to spoil its customers. The restaurant's preference is for selected Italian meats which, combined with the right wine, allow you to enjoy a unique experience. The most successful dish is the roe deer loin which allows the trattoria to fully enter the "specialty restaurants" classification.

Where? Trattoria Falconi, Via Valbona 81, Ponteranica.

Bergamo meat restaurant and story told

Barachì is an obligatory stop for lovers of grilled meat in the city and its surroundings. The location is suggestive and particular, difficult to reach but it is one of those places that upon entering you start to think "Here, it's worth it!". The walls exude history, the welcome is indescribable and the desire to guarantee delicious dishes is the plus of the chefs who work behind the stove. Grilled meat becomes the undisputed protagonist of the meal and meets the typical flavor of the Bergamo area: local appetizers combined with good glasses of wine allow you to wait for the perfectly cooked cut of meat ordered. The added value is the fireplace which, inside the room, allows you to create a suggestive and very particular atmosphere.

Where? Barachì, Via Europa 1, Mapello

Meat Bergamo: for an intimate and special dinner

Chic, so chic! Bacco Matto is the perfect synthesis to define the hospitality of Bergamo managers. A particular, intimate and refined place where exquisite and very inviting dishes are offered. The detail that counts is defined by the presentation of the dish and the scrupulous choice of the cut of meat to offer to the customer. Different solutions ranging from traditional dishes to more eccentric and particular ones, the choice becomes difficult when the first orders start to appear from the kitchen and leave behind delicious and very inviting trails. This is the perfect place for the eternally undecided who, thanks to the mixed grill, can resolve their doubts and enjoy dinner - or lunch - in complete tranquility.

Where? Bacco Matto, Via S. Giovanni Bosco 40, Bergamo.

Bergamo meat restaurants and the surprising Osteria

The Bergamo dialect is the key word here: the name of the place represents the perfect essence for a place where "eating well" is a guarantee. Oster chooses to offer various dishes for those who love meat and beyond, and focuses its attention on selected cuts and farms around the world. The classic that never fades therefore becomes, in terms of grilled meat, the added value of a particular breed of cattle that is raised in specific areas. At Oster you can find truly sought-after delicacies such as: Canadian black Angus, Iberian Pata Negra pork, picanha and New Zealand ocean beef. Oster chooses to combine particular cuts with equally selected cattle, so as to make the morsel of grilled meat truly special, in all its facets. A perfect choice for those who want to eat something unique and particular, immersed in a Bergamo atmosphere rich in flavors and aromas.

Where? L'Oster Bif & Beef, Via Guglielmo Marconi 21, Valtrighe.

Meat Bergamo and province: complex choice

The preference towards one place or another has a common denominator, whatever it may be, it finds authentic flavours, typical dishes and refined solutions capable of transforming a simple dinner into a unique experience. This is why choosing "the best" becomes an extremely complex matter! Carne online Genuina offers a valid solution that will meet the opinion of many: you need to create a list and try them all!

In order to find what best suits your taste and become familiar with grilled meat cooked by someone who has a lot of experience behind them, the goal remains to replicate a similar dish at home with a personal touch. The starting point is therefore the choice of top quality meat created with specific breeding methods that increase flavor and substance without compromising taste. However, to go and eat good meat, you don't always need excuses!